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dac is analog output. It also uses 1 pin. For 30Hz pwm also can be used. RC integration chain is needed and low pass filter in some cases.
I Have completely produce pwm to dac voltage. and now i have to calibrate this Analog output (which is 0V to 10V span) . So My question is how to calibrate this Voltage Suppose I want 1V min to 7V max using Same pwm count then what i have required to do. in short can i use any trim pot to adjust pwm and another trim pot to (...)
Never used it but seems self-explanatory.. Where are you stuck? Software? Writer? pwm output to drive speaker directly VOUT2_COUT pwm output or COUT dac output select by programmable option VSS Power Ground OSC Oscillator input VDDA Positive Power Supply VDD P
Hello everybodies! I have this problem. I have actually to build a computer based-controller which allows to control 10 analog outputs ports. The analog output ports voltage range is 0-30 V and the current consumption of each port is 20mA. So the overal output power consuption is equal to 6W. I would like also to find a simple and easy solution th
Why would you design it yourself instead of choosing an off-the-shelf part? For 4 bits, it could be easier to generate a pwm with 4 bit encoded duty cycle and run it though an active low pass filter (i.e. Sallen-Key works pretty well for this application).
I use an arduino to create dac power, Is that pwm? How can i uses that to make an amplifier?
I am using pwm on AVR for audio generation. In order to control volume of speaker I want to use N-channel enhancement MOSFET and with the help of single switch I want to control volume as lowest --> lowish -->medium --> highish --> highest --> highish --> medium --> lowish --> lowest ... etc. And for different volume levels I want to use individual
The shown NCO generates pulses respectively square waves, a sine generator has to be programmed in software. It won't need specific hardware, except for a dac to output the sine. 15 kHz can be possibly made with a pwm pin and a low-pass filter without a dac. So if you go for a microcontroller solution, everything is about writing respective (...)
Samples per second would be 6.4MHz/2^16 or 97.65 samples per second. The calculation would be right for a simple pwm dac. SD works different. 16-Bit resolution can be achieved with lesser pulses per sample according to the SD noise-shaping characteristic.
Hi everyone, I'm going to realize an audio player with a PIC32, using pwm as a dac for audio output. I have not write any code yet, because I want to understand deeply the theory behind it. I stored a .WAV file, 44.1 Khz sample rate, 16 bit, in a SD card, in a previous part of code. Now i want to reproduce this audio trought pwm. Because (...)
Hi, I need to provide 1V to 5V variable voltage to a device to control its operation. and we also want 30 mA. I have triaed it using pwm and generated variable voltage but i didnt get the desired current. I need to provide a up and down push button which should vary the output voltage from 1 volt to 5 volts. What is the the practical me
Hello, In the dac column of the following product selector guide, "5b/8b/9b" presumably means "5 bit/8bit/9bit"? Microchip product selector guide... We can't find a single microcontroller that has all our requirements because none have 3 dac outputs, and so they all need an
So I have been looking for the easiest way of going about sending analog signals via an fiber optic cable and one of the ways is to go from analog signal to digital to pwm. I need to have a sampling >= 10 MHz and >= 12bits of precision (Cost is also an issue/ >$1000). So I found this Fiber Link Evaluation board: Part number = 516-2318-ND (on Di
Hello. I am working on a power supply that as the EEVBLOG lab supply uses a signal from a microcontroller to adjust a voltage regulator. A pwm signal trough a filter or a dac will produce a voltage that will be amplified to adjust a voltage between 0V and 25v and feed to a voltage regulator, if 15 volts from the microcontroller+amplifier goes i
I am designing a adjustable dual rail tracking lab supply and I've decided to go with the idea to regulate the voltage with a filtered pwm signal, the max output voltage is 25V and a 8bit controller does not give me enough resolution. I did learn a little about micro-controller a couple years ago but I have not worked much with micro-controllers
Feed pwm with a counter++. Connect an RC filter at output. Or you can use an R2R ladder dac on any of the 8bit port (PORTx) and write counter++ to the PORTx.
Are you sure you want a current mode dac? Or would you be better off with a discontinuous conduction, pwm and inductor "dac"? This latter is real uC friendly if you don't particularly need feedback control of current but just a set-and-forget kind of cal-map. Any dimension can be digitally modulated; the design values at play would (...)
Hello I want to implement a multiphase buck converter using a micro controller My buck converter converts 12V to 1.2V at 12A switching frequency 500Khz I went through TI and Microchips micocontrollers I require 2 ADC and dac and probably 8 pwm generator modules i think and 4 opamps and comparators I am having difficulty in deciding the micocon
100Hz is easy with one pin and pwm. Set a sutable pwm rate and send values from a sine look-up table to set the pulse width. One external resistor and capacitor will give a sine wave as good as a dac can produce with a fraction of the cost. If you really have to use a dac, use a sine table scaled to +/- 127, add 127 to (...)
Hello, Do you know the current consumption of the SAM3N00B microcontroller from Atmel? SAM3N00B series datasheet. We have Vcc = 3.3V and we are using the internal 1MHz oscillator. We are using the ADC and the dac, ..also using one pwm output.