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Hi bro. I have 2 questions, please answer me. 1-Why sometime for programming of microblaze in xilinx fpga use while(1) loop and sometimes dont? see below code for example... I want to generate a pwm signal using the Timer/Counter IP Core. Nothing shows up. What I did: Added the core, connected the pwm0 port of the core to an ex
You make the code difficult to follow! Tip 1: as you seem to be using Microchip's assembler, use the banksel macro and defined names to select the bank/register/bit you want to use. For example, change: bsf 03h, 5 ; select bank1 bcf 03h, 6 movlw b'00000000' ; PORTB made as output movwf 86h to banksel TRISB
Hi, it seems if you just make a simple example, you find out what happens.... (This should be your part... at least to give some data or other informations... now we just can assume what you want to do..) Imagine you want to charge a Pb battery. When the battery is empty you will see maybe 10.5V When it is slowly full charged you will see
Microprocessor pwm units are not well suited to drive stepper motors. Instead use timer interrupts and pulse pattern generation in software.
Is this a hardware limitation? Yes. As far as I know are all PIC18 pwm outputs using timer2 as period generator.
Hi, I'm working on LPC2148 controller, and with the example code, user manual reference getting the constant frequency of 500mHz, but I need to vary the frequency from 10hz to 12hz with the particular time duration set and stop the pwm pulses. Now i'm getting the pwm output at pin number 33 of port P0.8, and for varying the f
Hello,I would like to implement a VFD with PIC16F1937 and mainly IR21362 and Power MOSFET ,could you please help me to deal with those Codes,I made a 120degrees phase shift but the capabilities of making the frequency and amplitude adjustable remain difficult for me,please help,find the codes here below: #define NUMBER_OF_TABLE_ENTRIES_FOR_
I'm new here, I have some fairly basic doubt. I am creating a pwm signal in MatLab by comparing a sine wave (50Hz) and a triangular wave (2kHz) .... So what is the pwm frequency will output? After getting the pwm signal filters I want to get a sinusoid, using an LC filter, but do not know what the frequency of cut should I use? Thanks (...)
Hi I am testing the functionality of the dsPIC33EP and ran some example code from the Family Reference Manual for the pwm module. Here's the code: void pwmInit (void); #include "xc.h" #include "p33EP512MU814.h" int main(void) { pwmInit (); while (1); return 0; } void (...)
Hello, I have to control speed of a dc motor using arduino. Using tachometer i detect speed of the motor. However how will i decide the value for pwm. Iam using arduino. What should i write inside function analogwrite(); Thank you
Hi, I need to drive IRF 150 N channel MOSFET from the pwm signal produced from a PIC microcontroller. The frequency will be 1Khz. What kind of driver circuit will I need between the PIC and the MOSFET? The PIC runs off 5 volts. The MOSFET will switch 15 volts.
If you use Linear Voltage control for speed, at half speed the regulator will dissipate more than the motor due to extra drop on LDO. In this example pwm is used with low side driver, which works, but suffers speed control with variable load since switch is off 1-D% of time. thus half bridge using MOSFETs which are both off for 0.5us or so during
Sinewave inverters seem to be a subject of particular interest here on the Forum, and high frequency pwm seems to be the method of choice. But it is not the only method. Generating pwm sinewave is not that difficult, but filtering out the high frequency switching noise to an acceptable level without creating other problems can often be a chal
Is there an ideal ratio (or any more complex formula) between the sampling frequency and the sample resolution (steps) of a pwm signal used to generate a sine wave? For example, I want to generate a sine wave with a frequency of 1Hz and a peak voltage of 1V. If I choose a sampling rate (frequency) of 1khz (1000 x 1Hz) and a sample resolution
Hi all, I want to use a PIC 16F887 to generate a 60Hz Spwm signal for a full bridge. I want to know what Timer2 prescalar value, PR2 and (external or internal) crystal oscillator to use. Thanks for the help.
Dear Experts I want to know the smps designing help regarding UC3842, TL494 , SG3525 pwm Controller. which is best for SMPS. where i can find complete design help. how the circuit is design. example how to calculate resistor and capacitor values according to input and output voltage. i want to design my own smps. i want to calculate every thing by
It will work, subject to the limitations Dan has already mentioned, and the 'buzz' can be shifted out of audible range by speeding up the oscillator but it isn't really a good pwm generator as the control input on the second 555 has limited range and linearity. I suggest using a dual op-amp instead, one half generating a triangle wave and the othe
Hello, I am a newbie to verilog and just got a hold of a FPGA Spartan 3E board but now im in need of some help. Of course I have done a lot of searching and reading first. Anyways, the task I am faced with is to use a Look-up table to generate pwm that will be outputted into an RC filter which will convert my pwm to a 60 Hz sinewave. My board ru
Dear All, I want to design a three phase V/F drive using dspic 33. I want to know how to implement sine triangle pwm technique (please see the attachment) in C language.I don't understand how to compare two wave form at different frequency in software and generate pwm .Please any one can provide any example or tutorial for this. (...)
Can any one tell me how can i generate 50 Hz pwm with vary duty cycle as ouput of 2 pins using any16f pic with mikroc ... any source example would be helpfull.. thanks in advance...