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I suggest you record and FFT your power supply noise, then replace mic with a resistor then use a sine signal from a sig generator and compare results. 8 bit pwm will be quite poor for sound quality. It should be a sigma delta type.
Is this a hardware limitation? Yes. As far as I know are all PIC18 pwm outputs using timer2 as period generator.
Arduino != PIC Almost any PIC can be used although one with a hardware pwm module makes life easier. If that's all it has to do, I suggest using PIC12F683 which has the necessary timers to decode the IR signal and has a pwm module. It only has 8 pins and has it's own internal clock generator so the hardware around it can be very simple. Brian.
I want to generate a digital pwm with a changing frequency and period's duration. Following are the ranges. Frequency : 1Hz to 1000Hz Period's Duration : 50uS to 10000uS Now, frequency is not the hard part. Its the duration thats hard to achieve using arduino. So I'm wondering is there any chip I can buy that can do this pwm which can be set b
Hello, I'm working on a project (theoretical stage right now) and I need some suggestions. I plan to use 6 LED chains of different colors - that's multiple 5mm high brightness LED's wired serially in a single chain (all LED's in a given chain are the same color). Normally they draw about 20mA of current when fully lit, but the voltage needed to
The rotating part of a motor is heavy which causes momentum. The momentum smoothes the high frequency pwm pulses causing the vibration to be very small. Make a motor that is a light as a feather and feed it low frequency pulses. It will vibrate like crazy! The momentum of a DC motor causes it to be a generator when the pwm voltage is (...)
I think that can be easily done using 555 timer circuit. 555 timer is available in somewhere in orcad libraries. Just do web search - "pwm 555 timer" and you'll get lot of links showing how to achieve this.
How many bits resolution do you want for the pwm signal? If you need 32 steps in the sinus curve, I suppose you need at least 5bits resolution in the pwm period. With a resulting frequency out of 6500Hz, it will give a base frequency for the pwm input to be 6656000Hz. Relative high for the PIC with a soft pwm (...)
Hello. I would like to generate 100 kHz pwm signal with attiny26. Please, check my source code, I borow my ISP programmer so I can't do it. Thanks in advance. #include #include #include int main(void) { DDRB |=(1<pwm out PLLCSR |=(1<
source voltage is short circuiting means exactly what? You have unsuitably low impedance snubbers, I think. It's also not clear if the deadtime generated by the IR2136 internally (provided it's correctly modelled) is sufficient. You may want to add deadtime in your pwm generator. Regarding overcurrent detection, I don't see
Hai all I am new to TL494 pwm generator. I want following requirements dead time = 2usec frequency = 10Khz Please tell me the Values of RT, CT and explain how to set dead time tanx....
Hi, 10MHz triangle or sawtooth generator to one comparator input, analog to the other comparator input, output is pwm. Klaus
I found a web site gives pwm generator with multiple phases output ,however it is supposed the pwm frequency is given , what should I modify the code so that any pwm frequency can input to the vhdl code
This might help you. Also why are you not using mikroC pwm library and vary the duty of the pwm at required intervals using a Timer ?
The shown NCO generates pulses respectively square waves, a sine generator has to be programmed in software. It won't need specific hardware, except for a DAC to output the sine. 15 kHz can be possibly made with a pwm pin and a low-pass filter without a DAC. So if you go for a microcontroller solution, everything is about writing respective softwar
The table shows a full sine period in 8-Bit "straight binary" coding. For some reason, it only spans the range from 0 (sine minimum) to 254 (maximum) instead of 255. I guess this has to do with pwm generator properties. Basically you can code a sine table in any numerical format of your choice, everything depends on the intended usage.
Hi y'all I'm trying to drive the MOSFET directly with the pwm. I generated a pwm signal using dspic30f4011 and because the MOSFET needs atleast 10V to switch on. I then used a MOSFET gate driver (HCPL 3120) to boost the voltage. I get a nice clean gate signal but immediately when i connect the pwm signal to the MOSFET the gate signal (...)
Hi Nick. Are you trying to produce a pulse, or a sine wave? Are you converting the pwm output back to analog with a filter? You have two basic controls on a pwm: frequency and duty cycle. Generally with a micro you control these by setting the clock source and frequency, total pwm cycle period (or timer overflow counter in clock (...)
For the isolation sake, you could build the simplest flyback/forward converter with two (identical?) secondary windings. All you need is a cheap MOSFET switch, a small ferrite core and a LM555 as a pwm generator. Of course, you also need two rectification diodes and capacitors but it's an economical solution anyway.
CPU Fan controller using PIC16F877A pin CPU Fan controller using PIC16F877A micro controller. 25 Khz pwm generator, RPM Meter, and Button switch Speed adjust. obrazki.