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Find a LED driver IC and apply pwm signal to its enable pin.
we are getting our pwm from our pic microcontroller. To understand about the available pwm option, we need to know the PIC type and connected output pins. By chance, I got to know, that you are using mikroC pwm library. Unfortunately, I'm not using the compiler and don't know which PIC pwm generation features it (...)
TOPIC: DC-DC converter controlled DC motor drive I need HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBJECTIVES: To design, test and demonstrate a DC-DC converter circuit based on IC UC3524. SPECIFICATIONS: ? Power supply to the circuit = 10V DC. ? The output of the circuit should be pwm (Pulse width modulated) waveform. ? The chopper frequency = 1kHz - 4
However, when i connect my buck converter to the microcontroller which supply average pwm value of 5V 50kHz 50% duty cycle to pin 2 while SD pin remain 5v, the mosfet is fail to turn off. Is there any voltage minimum value for pin 2 (IN) in order to turn on the mosfet? According to the datasheet with a Vcc of 10v-20v
Did you monitor the pwm signal, that it actually has a sufficient high periode? 610 Hz seems rather low, but shoulw work of course. You should consider however, that the low supply voltage lockout threshold can be as high as 15 V.
Hello, the video at the bottom of this page about UCC25710 pwm IC says that it can achieve greater than 1% efficiency in multiple strings of LEDs...even though each series string does not have individual current and DC/DC Power supply - pwm Controller -
Hello, I have a question about LCL filter typically used with active front end (active rectifier). The filter is inserted between three phase power supply and the active front end to minimize pwm harmonics and meet THD/TDD requirements. I am trying to understand what is the advantage in connecting capacitors in such a filter in Y configurati
Hello, I would want to control a piezo transducer. I use a mosfet with a pwm from a ?C but my supply voltage is 5V instead of 3Vpp speficied by the datasheet of the transducer. I read that it's not recommended to use a serial resistor to reduce the voltage (or a zener), can I use it simply with a
Hi all, I am designing a 25khz pwm triggered full bridge circuit to drive inductive load. Please see the attached circuit. High power IGBT's are all N channel and high side IGBT's utilize from the bootstrap circuit. The pwm signals are amplified and isolated from the control circuit by the optocouplers (optocoupler outputs are CMOS). Although the
I can not let you have the code because it's part of a commercial product but I can tell you it is possible to get at least 10 channels of pwm LED control out of a single 16F628A with nothing more than some current limiting resistors for the LEDs and a capacitor across the PIC supply pins. You could use the other 6 available pins for your level/com
Hi, I am trying to convert a pwm signal into a sine wave. My pwm carrier frequency is 15kHz and I am trying to create a 400 volt, 50 Hz sine wave. I know that I need to use a low pass filter, however I am not sure what values of R and C, or L and C to use, cuttoff frequency, etc. I am new to low pass filters and need some help. Thank you in
Hi, I need to design a -100V output from 4.5 to 5 V supply output current required is close to 1mA.The IC should operate on Fixed transformer is prefered. So i was looking towards inverting buck boost topology & is examining the IC MAX1846. There are two problems im facing.. 1)Since the current requirement is too low.Will it cause
It hasn't a voltage specification, because it's intended for constant current operation. With a pwm constant current driver, the curent will be maintained independent of the supply voltage, but increasing the supply voltage alloows a higher step rate. You can of course apply a constant voltage that calculates from winding resistance (...)
Hello, I am doing an offline flyback with NCP1217 pwm controller. NCP1217 DATASHEET: (block diagram is on page 3) ...I wish to incorporate Overvoltage protection using a PNP as on page 13. However, on page 13 it says that the current injected into pin 1 should be kept less than
There is plenty of information on the web, But I don't think a transformerless power supply will fo it, When you first apply power to the motor the motor acts has a dead short the better way would be to use pwm&mosfets to control it. Like this one Silicon Chip Online - 12V-24V High-Curr
I am working on a flyback DC-DC converter and I am trying to simulate a Texas Instruments UC3845 chip in PSpice. I can't find the PSpice model for that chip anywhere, so I found a current mode pwm controller made by linear technology, LT1619. Has anyone worked with these chips before? Here are links the data sheets: [url=www.linear
and DC/DC Power supply - pwm Controller - UC3846 - AC/DC and DC/DC Power supply - pwm Controller - UC3846 - Genome.
Name: pwm switching power supply controller (POWER supply SUPERVISOR WITH pwm CONTROLLER) CG8010DX16 Type: CG8010DX16 Package: DIP-16 DIP-16 Applications: Desktop switching power supply circuit ATE7520/HS8109 SDC2921 Compatibility: ATE7520 / core micro-HS8109 SDC2921 China Description: CG8010 is (...)
Hi. My guess is that other pwm IC's is more suitable to do this. Anyway, the datasheet tells you how to increase voltage and power output using external transistors:
hey abhi tum banana kya chahtey hoo 7805 is not efficient instead use kro buck inducter with pwm then comprator for voltage of 5 volt thats all inductor on toroid aur switcher me use kro irf 510/540