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Hi, Hello Everyone this forum has been instrumental in my design work on FPGA/8051 and now PIC. But Im stuck in a strange situation where iam required to read the status of External Interrupt and on every rising pulse I have to create a pwm of 50hz using Timer 0 to fire a thyristor. Let me explain the circuit a little bit Im (...)
Ok hi guys , need some help with pwm using 8051.I have got the proteus simulation working but i have some doubts regarding the hardware the simulation i used a ton period of 50 ms ,60 &80ms to generate pwm signal(T=100ms) which is connected to the enable pin of L293D IC to drive a 12V DC motor & there is speed variation.But should
You need design relay diagram : three phase transformer and Circuit Breaker and relay switches to control the speed of ac motor. About pwm Modulator , I think that it's power control circuit to drive such as servo motor by a condition signal circuit toward Microprocessor or Microcontroller to generate control output. You should design fo
Hey, Would be really helpful if someone could guide me in writing code for driving a 12 V 2A DC motor using L298 and having input as pwm from At89c51. Thanks in advance.
Hello all, I am trying to play some musical tunes through a 8051 based microcontroller. I have written the code for pwm output for different frequencies and 50% duty cycle. When I connect the buzzer to the pin and Vcc, sound is produced but at very low volume. Moreover it is very noisy. I have tried some circuits given on the Internet but the
hi... i want do pwm program with 8051.. program is finrly working.. but m using sl100 darlington pair to drive the motor,but the transisters are buring out after few minutes,even i checked the current ratung, its more than sufficient... plz help me out... very soon plz..... Test your circuit with a smaller resis
hi everyone i want to do one project like i want to interface dc motor by using the driver ic l293d with microcontroller 89c51 RD2 IC by using the concept of pwm can anyone help in that....
link is very useful to u have any doubt ask me....
link is more useful to u.....
hi pradeep, you can use the pwm(pulse width modulation) to control dc motor. i have made such a project before some time. i have made temperature controlled fan using atmega16 and pwm. best luck.. -prafful sorani
how to interface dc motor with 8051.....i want to use the concept of pwm ..........I don't know how to use that can any one please tell me how to program for that ....or please provide any circuits for that - - - Updated - - - #include /* special function register declarations */
Yes it is possible. The most common way of doing it is by using pwm (Pulse Width Modulation).
For controlling the speed, use pwm. The microcontroller will generate the pwm signal and the voltage will be 0V or 5V (depending on, if the output is high or low at that moment). Use a MOSFET driver to drive a high voltage Power MOSFET which will drive the motor. Use a freewheel diode across the motor (it will be antiparallel to the motor).
You will find some example in this website.... See Example 17.8.... Similar thread... :
A simple Google search will give you many results such as: Hope this helps. Tahmid.
You mean duty cycle of motor? see pwm Tutorial using 8051
I am trying to make a pwm using 8051. I am using external interrupt 0 (pin 3.1) to increase speed and interrupt 1 (pin 3.2) to decrease speed. My code is working fine for increasing speed but it does not work for decreasing speed. i.e interrupt 1 is not working properly. Capture.PNG:[
Hi, I am currently using the C8051F120 development kit (see attached) in attempt to sense the o/p voltage from my Buck convertor and adjust the pwm signal, which is also generated from the 8051 chip. However my question is how should I connect point A (see another attachment) and interface it with the development kit? (...)
i m using an Dc motor which require to operate at 12V and 10A to operate properly. and i want to interface my motor with 8051 and i want to control its speed through pwm. so i need a driver ckt which can interface b/w 8051 and motor ??? i also use a 2803 ic for high ampere. but motor is running very slow. plz help[/QUOTE
You could use a software delay, however a more efficient method would be to use a timer and interrupt. You can set the timer to 1/2 period of the square wave and switch states from high to low and low to high using the timer interrupt. using a timer would also offload the work to the generate the pwm, to the timer and interrupt system, (...)