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I think I figured out what your design is like. Here is my very simple simulation. Inductor 1 mH. Capacitor 3 uF (in your suggested range). For a while I was going to insist the inductor should be 30mH or more, in order to provide an inductive drop from 600 V to 330 vac (peak) at 50 Hz. Finally I realized you will shorten all pwm pulses to a
There are no free-wheeling diodes used in this design. Remove them. The voltage created should not exceed the Vds in this setup transformer which should have a 20:1 turns ratio and VA rated for your load. Since the drive is from switched current sources, the negative feedback into pin 1 is the control point for pwm regulation of the inverter.
I am trying to make an SMPS. While powering the SMPS ,it is getting tripped. It works same even we power using 230 vac without driving signals.(gate trigger) After MCB get tripped,if i power the pwm driver board(12V), it works fine and gets some voltage in the output and gradually disappears as capacitor discharges completely. (also SMPS workin
you can desgin it only for 180vac 280vac for satisfactory operation. in no way any such pwm controller will operate in 40vac
i have the following schematic for 50hz 12v to 220v dc. i have foud it from internet but not yet tested it. The problem is that how i can adjust pin no.2 the duty cycle by giving feed back from output 220 to obtain pwm? does it only require modification on the pin 2 or whole circuit needs to be changed? 58210 [ATTACH=CONFI
just like pwm light demer.if posibol pl proved asm code with ckt diagram. PL DON'T MIND MY ENG. LANG. IS VERY POOR...... do u want to control the brightness of 220vac Blub ?? via PIC16F877 ??
First you will need dual power rails at +/- 170 volts (assuming 120 vac, for 240 you'll need +/- 340) capable of supplying 1k5VA continuously (more is better). Next, the easiest method I can think of is to use a microcontroller with pwm hardware to drive an H-bridge. Some feedback to track the voltage and current among other things will help
If you're looking for a switching power supply here's a pwm datasheet where you can find an aplication of a ?12 V, 5 V flyback supply. The only problem is that your input is 117 vac, so you would need to make some small adjustments. diemilio
Hi all, I have to make a 220 vac to +/- 25 VDC 2.5 A SMPS using a 3845 pwm IC + a MosFet. Any suggestion will be very appreciated. Thanks Milo

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