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It's a simple issue on timming analysis; If you have to update the pwm duty-cycle at each cycle, you have to ensure that the maximum loop of instructions of the avr core will not exceed the period of the pwm.
Hello. I would like to generate 100 kHz pwm signal with attiny26. Please, check my source code, I borow my ISP programmer so I can't do it. Thanks in advance. #include <avr/io.h> #include #include <avr/interrupt.h> int main(void) { DDRB |=(1<
Aha... sorry. I was too much in Arduinos :) Does this site help? I am planning to play with ATMEGA16 and I can look at it at that time (if you don't find solution :D).
does timer1 is ok? In avr, pwm Mode is available in all timers. TIMER0 and TIMER2 provide 8bit accuracy whereas TIMER1 provides 16bit accuracy. In 8bit accuracy, you have 256 individual steps, whereas in 16bit accuracy, you have 65536 steps. which mode is better ? If you want to control the speed of DC motors
The pwm and ADC are working separately fine, but not working simultaneously. I am using avr studio 4 with compiler optimization disabled. The program is running timer 2 fast pwm mode in non-inverting mode, and adc channel 0 for feedback from the design, the multimeter shows correct feedback voltage value but controller (...)
You may use pwm in FAST mode... read the Datasheet for more specific details....
Guys, How can I control the RPM of DC motor with pwm on avr? Any experiences ? I use 12V 0.14A DC motor for CPU cooler.. Any infos will be appreciated.. Thanks
you can use pwm out to control the status of laser, 100% duty cycle means completely on, 0% duty cycle off and the intensity can be controlled by intermediate duty cycles, u need only two wire connection for this purpose
I have used the Fast pwm mode for generating Spwm 16 kHz signal with microcontroller ATMEGA16 wth oscillator frequency 16Mhz (see Atmega16 50Hz sine wave.jpg). Program written in Bascom avr. Our frequency is 50Hz ? time period is 20ms. A half cycle takes 10ms. Recall that the sine table used is only for half a (...)
8051 and avr are ALMOST same..avr is with faster speed, more peripherals like builtin adc, comparator and pwm channels. its easy to program and even has builtin oscilators upto 8mhz. avr has in system programming capability. it is good for hobby robotics. for more professional robotics projects PIC is (...)
hi anyone can help with C code which can be used in avr(atmega 16) thanks.
You can use the pwm library or configure the registers manually by reading about them from the datasheet. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
I have generated simple pwm signals by following program.But still there is some problem.motor is moving 20 degree whatever pulse we are giving. The issue you are dealing with is the lack of a loop around each different pulse width: Try something like this: #include<avr/io.h> #include
As Vdd is connected with 5V, not 12V in your schematic, its ok for logic level operation. Most probably 5V supply to avr and Vdd of IR2110 are common, its good. Your circuit should work. Set duty cycle of pwm correctly. Is your load connected between two common nodes of FETs
show your circuit???? how are you generating pwm???
Hi All, I am planning a 220v dc motor speed control using a microcontroller (pwm). But I am less familiar with the insulation between the avr to the motor drivers. Can I use the opto 4n25?. And how motor circuits using a mosfet or other. Thanks for the help. Regards, Ruben
How can i use pwm to control dc motor ? Any one have tutorial discuss pwm to control dc motor. I already try to do that by avr but i cant observe the difference of speed in the dc motor when change the value of the timers
better use a microcontroller with more pwm Outputs (timers and CCMP)... like some PIC18... or avr but, as you say two alternating signals... you mean one is the inverse from the other? so you need only a single square signal of 200kHz with two complementary output? and also how is a sinusoidal pwm? i (...)
hi all, I was looking for a 16 bit , 256k bytes flash memory, with 4 pwm outputs microcontroller, with c compiler and software. can anyone help me in selecting the micro. i need a suitable development board too.... the main purpose is to generate 4 pwm,with varying duty cycle but of same (...)
Hi, You can use a HC595 shift register ic . You 're going to need 8 pins for driving the anodes ( trough some transistors , hc595 outputs to 7 segments ) 3 pins to control HC595 CLK,DATA,OE & LATCH together for brightness control ( avr pwm OUT to OE & LATCH ) ... clk and data lines could be also shared ( 2 of the 8 anodes lines )
Hi, If you use microcontroller, you can use Spwm (digital implementation of sine wave). You can use PIC or avr that have pwm modules. For the fact, you could do it with many microcontrollers, you just need to know how to implement it. Take a look here: Sett
Hi all, I'll try to explain avr pwm and Timers so that it can be used as a reference. To start off with, the formulae relating duty cycle, frequency and time period is: f=1/T, D=t/T where D is duty cycle, T is time period, t is on time, f is frequency Vo = D * Vin, where Vo = average voltage output from avr pin, D = duty (...)
En pin of you mcu should always connect to Vcc if you are not using external memory. And for pwm see this link below it will help you Pulse Width Modulation (pwm) tutorial: : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
The ATXmega family have a built-in 12 bits DAC. Otherwise use a resistive ladder or pwm output as posted above.
You can capture the audio using the ADC of the micro, store it in a flash memory, then read it and play it using pwm.
Dear All, Can any one advise the below code where is wrong because it is not working with encoder, I need pwm according to the encoder 1024 pule speed, maximum encoder shaft speed is 1400 rpm, mcu is avr Atmega8L amd software is Bascom-avr, Thanks in Advance $regfile = "m8def.dat" $crystal = 1000000 (...)
Hi I m n the process of designing a 50hz inverter with feedback and pwm. my question is weather I need feedback loop stabilization using avr as in the case of analog pwm generators like sg3524/25 ICs. Or it is not needed in Ucrocontroller
Hi . It's my first post . I want to design a fountain . I have to controll it by avr mcu . I need 15 outputs for LEDs(220 volt ) and 2 outputs for ac motor controll. Can anybody help me for hardware? please help me for a circuit with pwm input ( from avr ) and a 0..220 volt ac output ( for ac motor) and a circuit tha
Hi i want to control ac motor 1phased or 3phased with avr pwm , please help me in this
HI, I built this led driver,and it's very good.But I have a problem.I would like to build a pwm dimming with microcontroller(avr or PIC), but I don't know plan is two pushbutton- up and down. Please put in schematic. Many thanks Added after 5 minutes: The link:
hi This Application note describes how to generate DTMF signals using a pwm output from the avr. The appnote can be used on any avr device with pwm and SRAM best regards.
You can try to implement the code for PIC, just read the data sheet , i waiting 15 pcs of tlc5940 ... i planning to run them with arduino /avr board/ but i see in forums: 1.3 pwm channels to control the TLC. 2.for programming the eeprom in TLC /dot correction/ you will need Vprg 22V :)) cool. 3.some calculation for Iref /current (...)
i can generate easily pwm in ATMega8535.. its so powerfull.. hehehehe try it!!
I was trying to program an avr tiny to make a pwm based charger out of it , A charger which could be used for charging mobile batteries... for this I experimented using the Nokia-1100 phone battery .. When I checked the signal at the o/p of the charger ,it was a pure ,regulated DC power supply of ~5 V.. But when I tried to charge it(pho
Hi there. I have an ADXL202 and want to decode its pwm output. I use an ATmega8 and a LCD for displaying data. So, I have a problem and I can't fix it. Its output is 1.44 and doesn't change when the ADXL rotate or shake or... I dont know where is the problem. By the way I use Codevision avr compiler. This is my interrupt service routi
Quick summary: I wrote a compiler that starts with a ladder diagram and generates native PIC16 or avr code. Features include: digital inputs and outputs timers (TON, TOF, RTO) counters (CTU, CTD, ?circular counters? for use like a sequencer) analog inputs, analog (pwm) outputs integer variables and arithmetic instructions (...)
I want an avr microcontroller that has atleast 4 seperate ADCs and 2 pwms Can any one suggest any?
Anyone has experience with the best ucontroller for battery powered application? lowest power consumption. I need it to do pwm modulation of a LED. microchip, TI, or ATMEL avr? which one should I choose? Running at 1mips should be good enough.
if output latency is not an issue or can be limited to some value - go for attiny avr micro with builtin adc as: a. analog/digital conversion b. math with signal c. digital/analog conversion by pwm . The circuit will cost - one dollar (if input/output signals bandwidth rdestrictions are not high). Or go for analog (...)
In the pic u will find adc,wdt,eeprom,pwm etc with a bundle. which not able at atmel. many years ago i am starting atmel , but now i comfotable with pic. like open the door.
Can I use my ordinary AT89S51 or AT89S52 microcontroller for generating pwm output ? If not why ? and also if the answer is no can u please suggest some good (cheap and easily available) 8051 derivative to do this job.
hello friends !!!!! I want to use pwm option in avr Microcontroller for frequency generator application. Can any one give an example of how to do it with either assembly or C language. explanation about how to implement frequency changes/duty cycle changes in avr microcontroller?(through programming or else) thanks
Hello Friends!!!! Can anyone suggest Microcontroller with 2 pwm output with 4K or more flash memory. Can i get the Evolution of Microcontrollers with Different Manufacturers' various Devices (?C)and their features. What are generation of ?C? Thanking u in advance.
hi all Any idea how to measure the pwm on adxl202. any code snippet or any algo etc ..... any help would be highly appriciated
I am trying to simulate pwm on avrSTUDIO 4, using the timer0 of ATMEGA8535. All works except the setting or clearing of pin OC0 which is PB3 in this case. this is the relevant part of the program: void port_init(void) { PORTA = 0x00; DDRA = 0x00; PORTB = 0x00; DDRB = 0x08; PORTC = 0x00; //m103 output only DDRC = 0x00; PORTD
Greetings everyone. I'd like to build my own pwm controller board for an electric scooter. The controller will probably be made with an Atmel's avr. It is required for the controller to drive a 24V DC motor (250W). What bothers me, i went through a lot of literature ( ) to find out, how to drive a DC motor (all the M
Dear all, I am looking for the MCU with these specification : 1. 8 / 16 bit. 2. with 3 (more) ADC 10bit and sampling time more then 50K sampling/sec. 3. with 3 (more) pwm output 8 bit (more). 4. with 3 (more) 16-bit timers. 5. with 1 (more) Serial I/O. 6. 16KB (more) Flash / (...)
What actually need? Hardware/Software For Software simply use For Hardware put a transistor between motor and pwm port of avr. :wink:
HI, why not use Digital Potentiometer from Maxim etc. For -Ve supply for LCD also Maxim good. OR Opamp with inverting mode, dual supply and input with pwm (from uC) and resistor-capacitor filter to generate -Ve at output.
hi, for beginning, you may play with example from Visual Micro Lab by sinewave proj has pwm on avr with 7bit sinus LUT GoodLuck.