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This is a fairly common issue that pops up for me when using ansoft HFSS (v14) or q3d (v10) in Linux environment. I figured I'll post a thread showing how I fixed it in case it helps someone else. If the error shows up, clear the main window by typing: > mv ~/.mv_old I found this useful. Other techniques are available [URL="www.
Hi, I have noticed some issues in ansoft q3d's 2D Extractor and thought I'll put it up to see if others noticed something similar. Here's the situation: I am trying to extract RLGC parameters of a transmission line for different substrate properties like loss tangent and substrate conductivity. For a constant loss tangent, increasing substra
in SIWave you can simulate the PKG of a chip, you can use also HFSS and q3d from ansoft. if you go for any of these directions, you should use the ansoft Links tool to import your bondwires/solderballs/layout/etc. For higher freq you should use HFSS, if your structure is electrically short (lambda/10 rule) you can use q3d, (...)
Even I am looking for the same. I heard that you can use q3d or Maxwell 3D from ansoft to do this. But I never tried any of these. Let me know if it works out for you.
Hi Guys, To extract the via's resistance, just use ansoft q3d, or Apache PaksiE, such tools employs FEM solver to extract physical parasitic parameter of interconnects from DC to AC. By using HFSS, just convert S/Z/Y matrix to equivalent RLCK using T-model or PI model. But this only valid for narrow band spice model.
Can your describe this procedure more detail for me? I am working with other EM solvers (Sonnet and Empire FDTD), so I do not know the procedure in q3d.
i need ansoft q3d Extractor ?
Hello, I simulated one coil structure in ansoft q3d simulator. Later I can extract files like: cadence with the end .dml spectre circuit with the end .ckt hspice with the end .sp and .cir, .bsp, .lib, .sp How to import one of this file to cadence? Thanks, olzanin
HFSS in Germany for University Research is 3k EUR per year or 5.5k unlimited (+tax). ansoft is now part of Ansys. HFSS comes with an ansoft software bundle including q3d, Designer, NEXXIM, Siwave, Optimetrics, ECAD, MCAD and support for parallel computing.
Is q3d extractor able to perform the 2DMaxwell capabilities?
Hi, all I've build a model in ansoft q3d,when the simulation is finished,I right click Analysis to export the equivalent circuit, the format of the file is *.cir. The problem is I don't know how to use this *.cir file in ansoft designer or other softwares,so I can see how the quilvalent circuit is and do some comparison with the results (...)
Hello, Here are my comments... Cadence PCB SI solutions (SpecctraQuest) No Frequency domain solver (Harmonic Balance) & No Electomagnetic Simulator (MOM) which required for critical signal integrity distributed models ansoft ansoftLinks+q3d+HFSS+Designer+SIwave solutons ansoft has all but limitations
To the best of my knowledge, sometimes the same problem shows up for q3d of ansoft.
Happy new year to everybody. I am working with ansoft q3d v6.0 and I experience problem with the meshing (mesh3d process) only during an DC RL analysis. The model is a twisted couple of wires. I tried to use meshing Operation reducing the surface deviation but it didn't work. The error I got is "Edge lenght Ratio". If anybody is interested with
For low freq (1GHz) we are using q3d to extract the model and proceed to Hspice for SI analysis For higher freq, HFSS is used to model the package and same Hspice for SI Analysis. Latest trend/development in ansoft Designer makes it a good alternative for full path simulation i.e. when combining package and MB in one simulation PowerSI/Spe
I have some objects created in mechanical engineering software like Pro Eng or AutoCad that needs to be modeled in q3d as 3D object for electrical model extraction. Anybody has done this before? Is there a special version of ansoftLinks that allows this kind of conversion. thanks.
ansoft SpiceLink(also known as q3d/Q2D) can meet your requirement. I've ever used it to develop IC package models for quite a long time. Very useful, powerful and user friendly. If you link to know more information. visit please. Regards,