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Hi, I'm designing a wireless transmitter that consists of a DAC, a switched-cap baseband filter and a passive upconverter. I'm trying to simulate the spectral performance (ACLR and EVM) and produce constellation plots using qam signals. The signals have been generated in MATLAB with RRC pulse shaping or come straight from th
Hi, I've been experimenting with envelope analysis in Cadence and would like to plot the constellation and EVM for a qam 16 modulated signal. I used the rectangular 16qam block from rfLib in my testbench. In SpecteRF wireless envelope analysis, there is the option of printing the constellation and EVM directly, but the wireless analysis optio
Hi, I am trying to find the formula for the ber vs Eb/No curves but I only see the curves themselves as 10^-6 ber is about 10.5 Eb/No 156082 what is the formula to get these results?
i read a audio signal from my laptop using audioread matlab function, audio signal contains some decimel positive and negative value. is there any way to convert these decimel value into binary bitstream. if it is not possible, then how can i modulate the audio signal like 256-qam using qammod funtion. please help. if the question is not clear you
please i want from you explain why this code don't get the ber correctly and how to add 2steps in this code 1-Compensate CFO in Reciever 2-delete effect the channel and do think these 2 steps can change the code and gets the ber correctly %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% SP.FFTsize = 64; % SP.inputBlockSize =16; N=64; SP.CPsize=20;
Dear all; Please look at this MATLAB code and help me to find error. N = 20*10^3; % number of symbols M = 64; % size k = log2(M); % bits/symbol % for 16-qam Re = ; Im = ; k_qam = 1/sqrt(10); bdB = 3:1:13; % SNR range sdB = bdB +
Hi. I'm trying to implement 8psk on matlab. My SER looks fine but ber looks like wrong. Can you tell me my mistake? Thank you by now. clc, clear all, close all N = 1e6-1; M = 8; k = log2(M); SNR_db = 0:12; max_b_sent = 3e7; mapping =; f
can someone tell me what is wrong with my code, the result is incorrect ---------------------------------------------------------------------- place this code first on a different file first for the function function table2=BPSKAA(table2) table2=,,,,,,,,[
Hello everyone, So far in my studies I have analyzed and designed voltage references through simulations. I've read articles where the PSRR of most reference circuits are tested from 10 Hz to 10 MHz only. This had me curious about the precision on relatively high speed switching circuits operating above 10 MHz. Say for example a wireless sens
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I want a code for decode and forward for rayleigh channel with qam modulation.And i need to measure transmitted SNR and recived SNR's at both relay and destination. Plz anyone help me out..
Hi every one I want to plot ber of Gmsk modulation. would you please give me a matlab code for it?:-(
Here is matlab code for mimo -odfm ( can someone help me to change this code to have index modulation or provide me with a code for Mimo-ofdm-Index modulation) clear all close all clc nbits = 208000; modlevel = 2 ; nbitpersym = 52; % number of bits per qam OFDM symbol (same as the number of subcarriers for (...)
can someone tells me why the result shows a straight line not a curve this is copy of the code that i got online %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%% % Author : Abd-El-Mageed Samy % Email : % Version : 1.2 % Date : 14th March 2013 % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
can someone please share the Bit error rate code of basic OFDM- index modulation on my mail id email address is removed What programming language would you like your code to be in? How would you like your bits to be mapped to symbols? (e.g. qam, PSK, etc). I don't think many researchers are intereste
Overall, they are very different and are targeted towards different devices. (For comparison, it is worth noting that 802.11a is virtually identical to 802.11g - they just operate in different frequency bands). However, deep down in the structures of 802.11a and 802.11af, they do use some similar techniques. In particular, both use OFDM qam. How
I have Matlab code for turbo coding in awgn channel but I want it for rayleigh channel and when I try to do in rayleigh the performance result is very poor. if any one having code for this then please provide me. I am very helpful. my emailid is removed
Hello All. I allways have a question regarding the max bandwidth that a carrier wave can it modulate or transport. Due to as we all know, for more frecuency has a carrier, more bandwidth is available. Why is that? I couldnt find a develop in the books. I thinks that Nyquist can have an answer. can we say that the maximu
Hi, Can anyone highlight the common mode regulation circuit given in the picture is a negative feedback (148406always) or an occasional positive feedback?! I am bit confused with the case, if the common mode at the detector output is lower than the reference, then is this not acting as positive feedback?! Thanks and Re
hi i designed a transimpedance amplifier for 10 Gbps application with cadence. i simulated eye diagram and it seems right but i have some questions about it . 1-in the book "Design of integrated circuits for optical communications" by behzad razavi says "optimal bandwidth is 0.7*rb that means 7 GHz for 10 Gbps and decreasing bandwidth reduces bot