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Any one knows how to get an OFDM/Offset qam modulator and demodulator with matlab?
Hi All! A am a newbie in Simulink & Matlab programming, but I need to implement qam64 modem in FPGA. The task is - do digital mixind I&Q channels in transmitter for sending it to DAC, then separate its in receiver after ADC. I found the HDL optimized model
Hi all why the 2nd/3rd harmonic of DSSS modulation is highest than qam modulation in the same channel? i think that is cause to different modulation, Is it correct or not? many thanks
Hello, Im doing a project on OFDM, I'm having a little trouble getting the transmitter to work correctly (before any pulse shaping ). I have a simulation that creates the data using different modulation (M-qam/PSK) and now im at the stage of creating the OFDM symbol. I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me/ give me a code that g
Hi. Does anyone know how can I verify if the outputs of the 64qam transmitter/receiver are correct?I use Xilinx ISE 14.2 and code it using verilog language.
It means that the complex valued modulation symbols obtained as a result of the modulation scheme block (QPSK< 16-qam, or 64-qam) are mapped to resource elements in the 2D time-frequency resource grid. Suppose that the UE is assigned 1 resource block for transmission. That is 12 resource elements that can be used during one OFDMA symbol duration. H
Dear Friends, Kindly, I just started the Verilog learning to implement my OFDM system. As a first step, I need to implement a simple qam transmitter and receiver as a start point for me. I do not know how to send data to the system from my pc and how to collect it at the pc again from the FPGA board!! Would somebody advise me please? I need a
I'm about to start working on a project to design a qam transmitter and receiver using Digital Signal Processor ( DSK6713 ) and I still have no clear idea about qam modulation and how it is practically implemented I've tried to search for related projects on google but couldn't find any :( would you please help me ...
hi :) i'm designing a 16 qam transmitter using system generator but am facing some troubles, i need a model where i can specify the frequency of the carriers through an input port so if someone can help me and send me a sys gen model or an VHDL code i'll be very grateful excuse the poor english
Hello, If you have access to AWR Visual System Simulator (VSS) then you have lot of examples on qam system BER measurements... If you don't have download the free 30 days version & you can create qam transmitter, Receiver & including channel for BER measurement in few
Hello! How can I synchronize acquired analog signals using Data Acquisition Toolbox in Simulink? I'm doing a 16-qam modem and using the analog input and analog blocks output, using them as a receiver and transmitter with two computers, this is possible using the PC's sound card? Can someone help me? Thank's!
write "doc qammod" on the Matlab command prompt
Hi everyone. I just designed a simple ofdm transmitter using simulink and I will like to know if anyone could help me know how I can determine the PAPR of my system. How I can cslculate it using simulink. Also in most ofdm systems they normalise the output after qam modulation by taking its conjugate and multiplying by a gain, why??? can
Hi there, I need to design a QPSK and qam receiver in Simulink based on the provided transmitter design. It is meant to simulate transmission of data through a wireless channel. In this case an image is the data to be transmitted and my receiver has to receive the data with the highest possible efficiency. This is done by comparing the sent and
hi to all, I built a communication system with matlab using the qam modulation method. I didn't use the Simulink?. allso I'm using the Square Root Raised Cosine at the receiver and transmitter with rolloff 0.4 the system works fine but I have problem to measure the Eb/no. I can't use the AWGN function to add noise but only the RANDN func
It all starts from the OFDM formula.... Σ(qam/PSK symbol)e^jωt....... It suggest us to take IFFT .... yes obviously the definition of fourier trans is not fixed...and u can use either way.....but then u should reason out in case of your question...
I need to know some information about a qam transmitter receiver to my primary project in digital communication .please tell me all U know...
What version of matlab are U using? there are sample codes of this in the communications toolbox, as well as in simulink, install all comunication packages and search for a qam demo.
hello if you have a circuit of an 8-PSK or 8-qam circuit please share it. i really need the circuit for my project... thanks
Some one could tell me the principal disavantages of the qam modulation, (in analog not digital signal)