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Let me clarify something. Tye adavtage of O-qpsk over standard qpsk is that the evelope of the band-limirted modulated signal has much less variations. This allows the use of nonlinear high power amplifiers in the transmitter without high spourious generation level. Theoretical performance (ber vs. Eb/No) is the same. Regards Z
Hi! I need to simulate with Matlab a qpsk and 8PSK modulations using LDPC Coding. I need to obtain the theoricals graphs of the Eb/No and ber relationship for differents code rates and modulations (in fact, I need to obtain the graphs for Eb/No and ber relationship for a DVB-S2 system), but I can't find a ber formula for (...)
Hello, I have tried to simulate the performance of an OFDM system using qpsk a rate 1/2 convolutional code and a Viterbi decoder at the receiver. The problem I face now is after plotting the results, I come up with a funny graph that doesn't look anything like the theoretical result. Here's an attachment of the MATLAB image i obtained. Can an
How pskmod.m works? I mean qpsk is supposed to make two bits as input and output one symbol. But when I use pskmod(,4), the length of the answer remains same i.e. 8 and not 4 I wonder if this is going to affect the ber performance of qpsk in Matlab I know the solution too that I can use reshape and blah blah blah, (...)
HI Dear : Have u any idea about ber performance of qpsk in AWGN for matlab Regards mak
hi, I am trying to understand STBC and Alamouti scheme. However, i am very confused about the ber of such systems. Referring to the performance results in Alamouti and Tarokh's papers, for qpsk (for example), the ber/SER shown is against SNR for 2 bit/sec/hz. 1- what does the "per hz" mean here? 2- why do we use (...)
Hello, After modulating using qpsk the spectrum of modulated signal decrease as (sinc(pi*f*T))^2. In order to decrease the interference with adjacent channels we can use a BPF on the modulated signal. Does you know if this filtering changes the ber performance of the modulated qpsk ? Any formula or book ? Thankx