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I am designing a channel encoder (BCH/RS/Turbo) + modulator based digital communication system in simulink. My blocks in the design are 1) Ber. B. Gen/Ran Int Gen 2) BCH (15,7) or RS (255,223) Encoder & Decoder 3) qpsk/M-ary PSK Mod & De Mod 4) AWGN Channel the problem i am facing is the input to the (...)
Hi, I want to know the schematic that should be used for a qpsk ring modulator? A basic functional schematic should be great. Best Regards Guruditya Sinha
Hi, Is there a way to do pulse shaping in MUX based qpsk modulator? I am having a bad ACLR.
Hi every body, I want to use HMC795 as a qpsk modulator. Does any body know how can I use it? I mean does it have 90 degree phase shift in I and Q mixer or I should make it in other ways? thank you
Hi, I am new to TMS320c6713.Please developing codes related to FILTER DESIGNING.also algorithm related to qpsk modulator and demodulator
Hi, maybe these links may help.. :)
dear all, i want to measure the BER of qpsk in presence of noise, i have used system level blocks for qpsk modulator, amplifier and attenuator and simulated using circuit envelope. i have used the ber_qpsk() function to plot the BER vs Eb/No plot, which gives me an ideal curve, now i want to add some noise in between the (...)
Hi all; Please I need Good simulation program to test hardware implementation for qpsk modulator and demodulator ,,,,,,,, I used Circuitmaker and it gives errors ??!!! ,,,,,,,,,, and multisim does not have MC1496 as all Suggestions around the world worked as multiplier ???? Thank you for any help Rawan Ayyoub
I want to design a PSK (BPSK/DPSL/qpsk/Oqpsk) modulated transmitter using FPGA based board. Output can be 70MHz IF or directly S-band modualted RF signal. Input will be 10Mbps NRZ-L serial data. I've heard about IQ modulator which takes baseband analog input & generates RF output. Does anyone has block diagram of IQ modualtor scheme ?
hi there, i would like to know the difference between raised cosine and root raised cosine in qpsk modulator.thank you
hi, i would like to know where to put the RRC at the modulator? whether before modulation process(Block diagram A) or after modulation process (Block diagram B)?is there going to be any difference between
This is my very first post on this forum so I want to warmly welcome all of users. After few days of reasearch about digital modulation I've already started my bachelor's thesis. And of course without, as a begginer in digital modulations and in Matlab as well I have some problems. I've started with qpsk modulator (I think ;)) unfortunate
Now I am designing a circuit for IQ modulating. The main chip is HMC497, from hittite microwave. It seems to be all right that I was able to modulate the baseband signal with the LO signal to get an IQ-modulated rf signal. But when I test the EVM of the output, such as at 1900MHz, I found a puzzling question. When I use the E4438, from agilent, as
Thanks to the kind-hearted people in the forum, I was able to understand the basic I/Q modulator such as HMC497. Now I am testing the RF IQ output. I use the E8267D from Agilent as the I/Q baseband signal generator. In the beginning I test the qpsk signals, the symbol row was used as fixed four, such as "1001". Then I tuned the DC offset to suppres
Hi, This's a qpsk modulator, hope it'll be useful for you.
what is the power consumption in FPGA for 50MHz qpsk modulator? whether the power consumption will reduce if the qpsk modulator implemented in fully digital domain? tq -asraf-
I'm trying to modulate a random antipodal signal sampled at 4 symbols per second, but I can't seem to write the code right in matlab. I'm using the command: modem.qammod to create a handle for my modulator, but I keep getting the error message:??? Error using ==> modem.abstractMod.checkModInput at 35 Input X must be an integer-valued doub
I have an assignment on mobile communications and it's on Matalab and I need some help on some of the components that make up the code. I need to create a component that generates information bearing bits from the binary set {0 1}. Every 200 bits should form a frame. Also, I need to create a qpsk modulator that maps two binary bits to (...)
HI FRIENDS, I AM DOING MY MTECH PROJECT ON PI /4 qpsk modulator AND DEmodulator ..... PLZ SEND TUTORIAL ON PI /4 qpsk modulator AND DEmodulator ..... .......PLZ SEND VERILOG CODE FOR PI /4 qpsk modulator AND DEmodulator TO MY (...)
Given 2 modulating message signals (I and Q): SI(t) = 0.5 sin(2pie 10t) + sin (2pie 20t ) SQ(t) = 0.7 sin (2pie 15 t) + 0.3 sin( 2pie 25t ) carrier frequency , fc = 500 Hz sampling frequency, fs = 63 kHz using qpsk modulator What is the matlab coding for the simulation to obtain the plot of the amplitude spectrum of the modulated signal (