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a new in ADS , i want to modulate an RF signal with qpsk modulation,i have a configuration problems about stream bitstream ,symbolRate,V_peak signal power any one can help me please?
Let me clarify something. Tye adavtage of O-qpsk over standard qpsk is that the evelope of the band-limirted modulated signal has much less variations. This allows the use of nonlinear high power amplifiers in the transmitter without high spourious generation level. Theoretical performance (BER vs. Eb/No) is the same. Regards Z
what is the peak power and the average power and the difference bet. them for all modulation techniques like ASK,FSK,BPSK,qpsk,8PSK,16PSK,QAM,MSK ???? Easy. You can calculate easily. Find the maximum peak power and divide it with average power. For example, BPSK (+1 and -1) is equal to one!
I am writing a thesis on using G3-PLC for power line communications, whereas the G3 standard uses D/qpsk modulation. What I have figured out so far is that both 4QAM and qpsk appearently produces the same waveform, but are they the same matematically? In a qpsk constellation, are the mapping points at 45, 125, 225 and (...)
The essense of normalization is that you get the maximum = 1, and all other values are below it. I'm not sure but maybe the point of constellation are placed in such manner to keep the average power equal for all modulations. For example, split your 16-qam picture into four quadrants. The centers of them correspond to qpsk, and so on.
Hi, I?m looking for a power Amplifier for WLAN 802.11p applications. My requirements are: Frequency band: 5.9GHz; Modulation: OFDM (BPSK, qpsk, 16-QAM and 64-QAM); Output power (power sent to antenna): 28.8dBm. From the search I?ve done the best options for the power Amplifier I found are: SE5004L -
hai there, im verifiying my qpsk architecture and quit confuse on whether to choose SNR or Eb/No in the AWGN block. is there any difference between SNR and Eb/No to obtain BER? what is the difference if there are?
i am trying to differentiate the mpsk modulation using power spectrum i.e., by observing the tones in the spectrum.. so after the power spectrum, i am trying to further classify the bpsk,qpsk and 8psk by applying the power spectrum to lpc...such that by observing the coefficient data(setting some threshold) i can classify (...)
For SSPA, there are several definitions for linear output power. For example, the output power at which IM3 is better than -25 dBc is regarded as linear power. Some people use definition from ACPR test with qpsk or Oqpsk modulation. That is output power at which ACPR is better than -30 dBc.
Hi dionysian, There is no spectral line at the carrier freuency in qpsk. For qpsk, the more common methods are: - 4th power loop: the idea is to obtain a spectral line at the 4th harmonic using a 4th order ninlinearity. This can be accomplished squaring the signal, filtering and squaring again. This component can be used for locking a (...)
what is the power consumption in FPGA for 50MHz qpsk modulator? whether the power consumption will reduce if the qpsk modulator implemented in fully digital domain? tq -asraf-
Hi all, I want to generate a qpsk signal to drive my power amplifier. Please tell how to generate a PWL as the input signal. Thanks. Best Regards, whlinfei
Hi, I am doing power amplifier design. In many PA papers, qpsk is considered as a non-constant envelope signal. But from its waveform, it seems it's constant-envelope. Some books say the filtered qpsk is non-constant envelope. Even in that case, how is the signal demodulated given that the demodulator simply times the singal with (...)
Hi all why we use pi/4 qpsk most often and why it is better than the other type?
I don't know much about simulink, but at a glance I think it is because of "Input signal power" setting in AWGN model you used are set to constants. When doing IFFT, there is multiplication with 1/N_FFT (inside IFFT function) which attenuate the signal amplitude. Because this attenuation, noise power can be too high for OFDM qpsk system. (...)
I have to design a PA/LNA for a Zigbee application, which uses Oqpsk modulation. I heard that we have to handle a back off value to avoid using a linear PA into saturation but I did not succeed in finding the back off value for Oqpsk modulation. Thanks
hello every body I would like to know the difference in transmitted power for qpsk-OFDM Transmitter and qpsk transmitter in same conditions Does qpsk-OFDM system requires more power tha n qpsk system??? Regards
first Same MEAN power (1/2 of ones's and 1/2 of zeros'), Amplitude equal for all waveforms (ASK, FSK, PSK, etc) then compare things: ASK detector have one branch. Noise in only one branch. Mean power FSK detector have two branches. Noise in two branches. 2xMean power PSK detector only one branch. Noise in only one branch. 2xMean Po
How to measure Eb/No of qpsk with spectrum analyzer???
Hello, Which one do you prefer and Why? A qpsk symbol constellation with the following set; symbols = sqrt(2)*{-1, +1, -j, +j} Or a QAM with the following; symbols = { (-1-j), (+1-j), (-1+j), (+1+j) }