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The quarter wavelength line refers to a quarter wavelength in the transmission line (your λ_new). Similarly, the quarter wavelength in free space refers to λ_0. In microwave engineering, many properties scale proportionally with electrical length, hence that is often used (...)
Hi Guys, I have been given a project to simulate a receiving array of patch antennas. At the moment i am using a single circular patch that is matched using a quarter wavelength transformer. The design is super simple but as i have never used CST until now i am finding a few things a little difficult and would appreciate some help. I (...)
in my dual band filter (f1=1.8GHZ and f2=5.4 GHZ) can i use quarterwave transformer instead of dual frequency transformer for impedance matching? is there any other possible way to match the impedances..?
Hi, I am reading quarter-wavelength transmission line transformer on an article: The Yin-Yang of Matching: Part 2?Practical Matching Techniques. I do not understand the second sentence about 22%. This percentage is regarding to which bandwidth? It gives as an example of the first sentence, i.e. for ratio 6:1, it is narrower? I do not (...)
hi, everyone. I am doing a printed circuit design in 60GHz range. The basic structure is 2-dielectric substrate tapes with 3 copper layers on top/in between/ on bottom. The total thickness is 203um+406um=609um, and with DK=3.55. Structure: copper ----------------- Rogers 4003 ----------------- copper ----------------- Rogers 400
Hi all, Now I am using IE3D to design an patch array antenna at 60 GHz and need to design a T junction. The output arms have characteristic impedance of 50 ohm with the corresponding width of 0.21988 mm, and the input arm has a quarter-wavelength transformer whose characteristic impedance of 35.56 ohm with the corresponding width of (...)
quarter wave length transformer is used only for real impedance matching but stubs are used for any case
I find a paper (please see attached) which describes a 200W power amplifier design. The paper mentioned it use two-stages matching circuits consists of a quarter wavelength microstrip line impedance-transformer. But I can not understand the matching network. Why there is a slot at input port ? Does it use wilkinson couplers to (...)