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Hi all - new to RF, although I have electronics background. I occasionally make singled sided hobby pcbs at home. I am trying to add a wireless link to a device using a Linx TRM-900-NT + ANT-916-SP transceiver/antenna combo. I'm aiming for ~5m range So I read and read and search forums to learn. I would appreciate some help to check my understan
Hello, Pls, does someone knows how can we determine the the inductance of the shorted slotline (Ls) and the capacitance of the open microstrip (Coc) ? Moreover, what about the length for microstrip and slotline. Have we always taken them equal to quater wave length? Thank you in advance, N
A good example is a CB radio antenna mounted on a car. Ideally, you would have a quarterwave long whip, and the car body would act as a ground plane. However, a quater wave whip at 27 MHz would be 2.8 meters high (9 feet) and you would be hitting stuff as you drive around. So they put an inductive coil at the base of the whip antenna, (...)
could any one tell me whats the bandwidth of a quater wave and half wave transmission line. how the bandwidth of microstrip lines are great than the lumped components
hello guys! i designed a 24 GHz patch antenna array with IE3D and i would like to have some point of view on my design.i got some problems listed below. 1) Why did i need to change the length an the width of the quater wave transformer lines to have the best match? 2) what is the best configuration under IE3D to have the best results? 3)
hi everybody, I am new at helix antenna. I have been trying to make a helix antenna for 4GHz frequency. I have made the quater-wave transformer by "txline" software. with that i got the width of the stripline to be 16.6 mm. The helix has to be spaced 7.5mm above the ground as lambda=75mm and the resistance is 84 ohms(assuming the helix is 140 ohms)
Plz provide properties of quater wavelength transmission line.How it is used as a impedance transformer?plz provide clear details.
Hi Guys, I have a doubt on quater wave impedance tranformer. As i going thru a IEEE paper on inthis matter, i found out the the electrical length is defined in Θ, degree. assume given 90 for Θ=λ/4 length. How do we find the operting frequnecy of the circuit? thanks for your support
You cannot use a quater wave TL to match complex impedance
Hi there, I'm now doing analysis rectangular patch antenna. And using microstrip line feed for feeding. There are 3 types for this feeding. 1) nonradiating edge (end-edge) 2) radiating edge with inset-fed 3) radiating edge with quater-wave transformer May anyone tell me that is it the feed point for 1 and 2 is same? I mean using the same e
The antenna size will be at least a quater wave length. wavelength = velocity of light/frequency. An inductive loop antenna will have an resonance of 100Hz (That implies a very big inductance ; and therefore many thousands of windings
Try here that a quater wave length of cable Peter in simular problem, I search homepage, document, math-formula etc. to make polyphase network with RC-link (to make wideband 90 degree network as above) in any order... I saw good site for 5 y
hi everybody, can any body tell me why we required legth of antenna minimum of quater wavelength for faithfull reception.If we not transmit ,does it effect the regeneration of wave at the receiving side.. what is te mathematical relation between wavelength and antenna length. thanks saurabh