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Hi guys! I need a bit of help to get the spectrum i want so that i can compare it to the results on a spectrum analyzer. Attached is the schematic and details that I want to set for simulation However I can seem to get the spectrum that I want. Can someone take a look and assist me in simulating this schematic? PS I would like to know (...)
Hi guys, I'm doing a project on FM-CW radar and I need a bit of help. I'm still new to ADS so I'm not sure how to go about simulating the radar. I want to obtain the spectrum from the mixer but how do I do that? Is there a spectrum analyzer function in ADS? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
Hello all, Its Ali here. I am a Electrical (Telecom) Engineering student and my Final Year Project (FYP) is Portable GPR in which I am designing UWB transceiver. Currently I am working on the transmitter part. Here are a few specs of the design: -simulation Software: NI Multisim 12.0.1 -Its an Impulse radar with Bandwidth (...)
Hello All CST is organizing a webinar tomorrow the 15th of December 2011 on Electromagnetic simulation in radar system can register yourself and get to learn this amazing 3D EM solver for free.and the best part its free and is a part of a series dedicated in the use of #
try this link SWAN-SOFT The best choice for mobile, radar and satellite communication systems.
hi for simulation in hfss and design of antipodal u have some way draw by tool or give the equation to hfss for more information about antipodal u can read chapter 5 of Broadband Planar Antennas Design and Applications by Zhi Ning Chen and Michael Y. W. Chia and u can download a thesis by (...)
Hi everyone! I'm a young engineer based in Spain with almost four years of experience in radar Cross Section simulation. Now, unfortunatelly, things are a little bit stuck here and the only way to improve myself is looking for another job outside Spain. I have some ideas in my mind but, as all of you are more experienced than me, i'd (...)
Hi you can use ADS (Advanced Design System) or AWR to simulate your radar project. Also you can use Matlab to write your own code.
Check the examples in ADS. It has examples for both: radar and UWB(MB-OFDM) .
I have a project on radar which contains usage of Matlab and i need someone to help me out please as i have no idea on it.I am attaching the file ..plz see the first two pages in the project.
Hi folks, I am working on a thesis topic regarding time modulated frequency diverse array radar. I am trying to simulate this antenna using MATLAB. It will basically excite the elements in a periodic manner one at a time along the array axis and apply a frequency offset for each element, as well. Does anybody have any Matlab code or any link rel
Hi all, I need to make some rcs simulation in cst and i am a beginner. The setup is the following: radar SSR f=1030 MHz. vertical polarization. radar location is 5 km from a cylindrical structure on the ground (20 m tall, diameter 2m). The altitude of the radar is 150 m. Earth curvature (...)
is there any simulator tools for radar?
i am doing radar systems simulink design project,need help in making FMCW radar block diagram in matlab and its parameters for correct output which will show FMCW radar basic characteristics in scope.plz help as soon as possible,thanks
I would like to make a UWB radar simulation.However, i don`t know how to implement the radar signal using programing language. Can anyone just help me? I just want a very simple UWB radar system for a reference. Thanks a lot.
≥want a software for radar simulation any radar ≥≥please help me. :| :?:
Hope this will help you . This a Matlab simulation for a beamformer in radar.
Good morning ; I am a student, I work with HFSS v9.0, my problem is how I can simulate radar cross section ( RCS ) with HFSS v9.0 ? I want know the full steps that I must fellow to simulate RCS of different shapes ( box, sphere, circle,....) and complex shapes, if you have examples of projects please transmit it to me (*.pdf, p
Hi all, I have a project which I have to do in one of the courses in my graduate studdies, and I would be happy to get some advices regarding what books ar articles to look for relevant material, and how to treat the problem theoretically and for simulation (matlab). Strictly speaking, I don?t have a clue how to even (...)