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Hi you can use ADS (Advanced Design System) or AWR to simulate your radar project. Also you can use matlab to write your own code.
As you know, the real databases are really limited because of military concerns. So, what kind of radar do you want to simulate? I mean MTI, TWS , etc?
Hi dudes! I have to simulate the Staggered PRF MTI radar with matlab. Can anyone upload a sample matlab code for me??? Thank you
google "radar simulation' mahafza your problems will hopefully be solved
Hi folks, I am working on a thesis topic regarding time modulated frequency diverse array radar. I am trying to simulate this antenna using matlab. It will basically excite the elements in a periodic manner one at a time along the array axis and apply a frequency offset for each element, as well. Does anybody have any matlab code or any (...)
i am doing radar systems simulink design project,need help in making FMCW radar block diagram in matlab and its parameters for correct output which will show FMCW radar basic characteristics in scope.plz help as soon as possible,thanks
I would like to make a UWB radar simulation.However, i don`t know how to implement the radar signal using programing language. Can anyone just help me? I just want a very simple UWB radar system for a reference. Thanks a lot.
Hope this will help you . This a matlab simulation for a beamformer in radar.
Anyone can assist me in the coding needed to obtain the radar cross-section using matlab? Thanks
Hi all, I have a project which I have to do in one of the courses in my graduate studdies, and I would be happy to get some advices regarding what books ar articles to look for relevant material, and how to treat the problem theoretically and for simulation (matlab). Strictly speaking, I don?t have a clue how to even start this. Its actually