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Hello Everybody May I request the matlab source code for Bistatic radar Cross Section of complex object using Finite Different Time Domain (FDTD) method. Please, help me. Thank you in advance.
hi.......... can u help me in codeing for a pulse descriptor word of a radar pulses. how to create it using matlab
plz tell me matlab simmulation code for mimo radar velocity resolution?
Hi everybody, i am a student in internship and i have to deal with RCS computation. I have got problems with numerical methods (method of moment and finite difference method) : i've got the theory but cannot compute this on matlab .... I saw a lot of paper using MoM algorithms but cannot find them. Have you any reference on those matlab (...)
Hello, Can anybody tell me how to find an ambiguity function of an LFM radar pulse using fft? I am trying to form the ambiguity diagram with doppler shift and time delay in the axises. But I need to do it using FFT blocks. Any help is appreciated!
please refer to the textbook "radar system analysis and design using matlab by Bassem R Mahafza... ebook is available.just google
As you know, the real databases are really limited because of military concerns. So, what kind of radar do you want to simulate? I mean MTI, TWS , etc?
Hello friends, I am very new with matlab and wants your help to plot a simple FMCW radar signal with 24 Ghz transmitter frequency and 20Ghz receiver frequency using matlab. Does that plotted signal points out about the range of the target? please kindly help me with my question. Thanks.
You should look at this What you see on Figure 3 is a built in example that comes with the software. Its a C band FMCW radar System. You should be able to bend it to suit your needs easily. They give free 30-day trial too.
Hi folks, I am working on a thesis topic regarding time modulated frequency diverse array radar. I am trying to simulate this antenna using matlab. It will basically excite the elements in a periodic manner one at a time along the array axis and apply a frequency offset for each element, as well. Does anybody have any (...)
hi there, if anybody is having matlab code for radar target tracking using neural network in matlab, pleaze send it on you.
I'm trying Microwave Imaging for small objects like a tumor. I refer to the following article. BREAST CANCER TUMOUR DETECTION using MICROWAVE radar TECHNIQUES I don't understand how to get function Ui(t) in Equation (1) from this article. I can convert S21 data to time domain
hey hi abhijit, if u got a matlab code for radar target tracking using neural network please forward it to me.its urgent. If u hv send it on
I would like to make a UWB radar simulation.However, i don`t know how to implement the radar signal using programing language. Can anyone just help me? I just want a very simple UWB radar system for a reference. Thanks a lot.
do radar modelling using matlab it is best project it does not require matlab u can also can understand dsp by reding proakis i will give u dwld link for both the buks plz e-mail ur e-mail id my e-mail id is read this buks theses are totally based on matlab
Anyone can assist me in the coding needed to obtain the radar cross-section using matlab? Thanks
radar Systems Analysis and Design using matlab (Mahafza) solutions is really needed.... (By the way if the book itself is needed it is going to be uploaded.) Thanks
Hi, I have to realize for my final project a simulation of a radar system using matlab. The theme is: "The project consists in the implementation of a complete radar signal processor. One data file with an unknown target distribution is included as a mystery signal for testing. The objective of this project is to devise a (...)
There was a book "radar systems analysis and design using matlab" . Should be available here or findable from emule .
hello I am working in my tesis, over radar systems. I'm developing a simulator with matlab 7 and Simulik 6. The mistake is that I can't retriev the handle of figure the GUIDE into Simulink model. exactly I would like can put the handle of figure into matlab's workspace base. please send me any help to my mail: yensivl@hotmai