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I have drawn a pifa antenna in hfss but i cant figure out how to set waveport and radiation boundry . . . . What we do with feed source and short circuit plate in PIFA . . . I am still newbie in hfss please help me out i have to submit my project in three to four weeks time . . I have attached the antenna design so (...)
If I understand you question correctly when you apply a radiation boundary to the 4 faces of your transmission line some power is lost due to unwanted radiation of the TL. When you don't added any radiation boundaries hfss automatically assigns ground planes to the 4 faces and the power is contained within the dielectric box.
am confused about the role of radiation boundary dimension on the simulation results on a patch antenna. can anyone provide me the way to calculate the dimensions of radiation box for a patch antenna in hfss. its really creating problem for me.
which boundry is better o in other words which is closer to reality PML or radiation?
boundry overlap may just be warnings since PEC takes precedence over radiation, etc. Mesh is a problem since it is usually not fine enough. See the graphics I posted that show the mesh size and it's effect on edge currents. You may have to manually set the mesh size. The Q is highly dependa
You may try seeding the radiation boundry yourself. There is a problem in their generated radiation info. I have found issues with phase data and lower level off axis x-pol data. The boundry seeding is what I was told to try. I havent had much time to play with it to see if its effective or not. Also if you are trying to (...)