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doubt is why we want to measure the radiation pattern while simulating the antenna in hfss,and what is the purpose of measuring vswr in antenna design ,is there is any coorelation between the vswr and return loss. 2.correlate the vswr,radiation pattern definition in detail with hfss (...)
Hello every body , i simulate a structure and now i want to combine many radiation pattern with them using hfss i can't do it any body can help me ?i want to do like this : Each time I modify a dimension and I register the radiation diagram until finding a same diagram which contains several diagrams like in the (...)
An asymmetrical radiation pattern is well expectable due to the radiation of the feed line structure.
hi , I have a problem that when I make a dipole antenna parallel to the PMC the radiation pattern is wrong so can someone help me with the steps or something like that ?!
I assume this is a resonant patch-like antenna. For the S11, do you know why there is a point with low S11 around 7.25? It's probably some other resonant mode of the antenna. Have you investigate the radiation patterns/current patterns? And for the gain pattern created for 5.8 GHz why there i
I did not understand your first question. Yes, hfss computes fields on the outer radiation boundary and then it calculates the Far-field radiation pattern from the calculated field quantities (on radiation boundary)
I have attached the radiation pattern of my design simulated in hfss.what is inffered from this shall i explain my pattern to others.
Can anyone tell me how to measure the HPBW in hfss software?? Should i measure using radiation pattern or any other option is there??kindly explain in detail
You may go into the "radiation" tab and set up the limits of the infinite sphere to be more to your liking. Another way to get there is to create a coordinate system configured that is more convenient. You could also readjust your model with a series of rotations to position the radiation patterns to what you want. Lot's of choices and (...)
Hi Can anybody help me to make plot of phase of Antennas' radiation pattern in hfss? in CST Studio software, Farfield results, plot "theta phase" and "phi phase" of realized gain of Antenna pattern. How we can plot phase pf pattern in hfss like CST? Thanks
We have made a rectangular patch antenna at 2.5Ghz. How to get the gain values at different points in the radiation pattern of the patch antenna in hfss? Thanking You
i have created an array with 4 elements. The pattern in matlab is great. 127214 i designed same array on hfss, the result is awful but it looks similar. There are some symmetry problems along y axis. radiation pattern on phi plane (at theta=90) is not same as matlab. i must figure it out What can be the problem? ple
Hello, I have simulated an antenna using ADS and hfss and I want to compare the radiation pattern computed by the two software but as you know the radiation pattern depends on the power of the feeding port. for ADS we can specify only the voltage in volts otherwise in hfss is the power (...)
Hello, are the definitions of Etetha and Ephi the same in ADS and hfss? I si?mulated the same antenna with the both softwares but for THe 2D RD, LHCP and RHCP are the same the 3d RD also but not the E tetha and E !!!!!
Hello, This is my first post. So i simulated this antenna designed for 57 GHz and was observing the radiation pattern, and i saw in the upper right corner, in the curve info, frequency is 50Ghz. What is the meaning of this if my solution frequency is 57 Ghz. Attaching the pic.126049
HI, I am designing a radiation pattern reconfigurable antennna using hfss.Tapered balun is used in this.I want help in the design of the tapered balun.
What do you mean by calculation of phi and theta values ? Basically radiation pattern in hfss is phi or theta variation of Field Magnitude for constant theta or phi value respectively. So you can use marker to get desired value of field magnitude at specific theta and phi value. Hope it is useful for you. regards
my operating frequency of designed antenna is 31GHz, could some say how to plot radiation pattern for it and how should it be,what can i infer from the plot.
Hi all i'm going to design an infinitesimal electric dipole above an infinite pec for height lambda/2.I'm going to earn figure 4.17 in antenna book,Balanis but the results aren't good at all.(VSWR and radiation pattern) i don't know how length i need for air gap in infinitesimal dipole?and don't know what is the problem? I'm using hfss13 (...)
hello everyone Recently i have been working on a CP antenna with sequentially rotated feeding.I builded a model with hfss but i just got a werid 3D radiation pattern. The max gain of the antena is towards GND. With the same size of GND in another model with a well designed feeding network the antenna work well. the model without feeding (...)