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hi i tried to understand the following parameters for root raised cosine filter in cadence but did not getting correct o/p.: alpha over_samples group_delay frame_time numChipsOut can any one guide how to set the parameters for 50Gb/s square wave for OOK modulation. Thanks
I have a simulink model (using Comm. Toolbox / DSP blocks) I have built that will do QAM modulation just fine with pulse-shaping (using Root-raised cosine Filter). I'm trying to get a Baseband signal to RF for time-domain analysis for a RF PA. I need an LTE like signal with a high PAPR. So I am using an OFDM modulation on (...)
I am trying to build a simple transmitter and receiver in simulink. Output of random number generator multiplied with PN generator. Then, after bpsk modulation and raised cosine pulse shaping it is fed to awgn channel. I need to know the parameters for this design and ways to reduce BER.
hi, i would like to know where to put the RRC at the modulator? whether before modulation process(Block diagram A) or after modulation process (Block diagram B)?is there going to be any difference between
I have a set of symbol values to be modulated FM. Square root raised cosine filter is required for pulse shaping before FM modulation process. Roll off factor is given as 0.2. I wonder how transmitter pulse shaping filter order and its structure affects bit error rate after modulation and demodulation process?
Hi. First of all, sorry for my english :D I'm trying to simulate a 64-QAM modulation with LDPC coding and raised cosine transmit filter. The source block has a sample time of Ts=4.873148e-10, seed = 25 and outputs frames of dimension 32400 bits. Then the LDPC block codes with a coderate 1/2 and outputs frames of 64800 bits. The LDPC uses (...)
hi i have a question about raised cosine filters. what are raised cosine filters? what are the use of raised cosine filter or any speciality? during modulation if we increase the roll of rate and group delay what will happen? thanls
I am observing baseband signals coming out of 802.11b card at 1, 2 ,5.5 and 11Mbps. At 1Mbps, entire signal goes through scrambler,DBPSK modulation, 11 bit barker multiplier and raised cosine filter. At other data rates, only the preamble goes through same sequence and the remaining signal has other modulation schemes. (...)
hi to all, I built a communication system with matlab using the QAM modulation method. I didn't use the Simulink?. allso I'm using the Square Root raised cosine at the receiver and transmitter with rolloff 0.4 the system works fine but I have problem to measure the Eb/no. I can't use the AWGN function to add noise but only the (...)
Hi everyone, I want to drive a VCO with some digital data in order to implement FSK modulation. To do so I first need to apply some filtering to the data, ideally with a raised cosine filter. I'm in the analog discrete world though? any recommendation of which filter type and order I should implement? Thanx in advance Ghost
Hello everybody, Does anybody know how to measure the error vector magnitude (EVM) in the dqpsk modulation system? I have my I&Q signal(discrete), then pass raised-cosine filter, then D/A and final, upconverter to some RF frequency. And now, I want to test the distortion of my circuit so that I need to downconvert and demodulate the (...)