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hi i tried to understand the following parameters for root raised cosine filter in cadence but did not getting correct o/p.: alpha over_samples group_delay frame_time numChipsOut can any one guide how to set the parameters for 50Gb/s square wave for OOK modulation. Thanks
Are you talking about raised cosine filter spectral shaping in digital communications? If not, please clarify what is the context.
I have a simulink model (using Comm. Toolbox / DSP blocks) I have built that will do QAM modulation just fine with pulse-shaping (using Root-raised cosine Filter). I'm trying to get a Baseband signal to RF for time-domain analysis for a RF PA. I need an LTE like signal with a high PAPR. So I am using an OFDM modulation on 16-QAM coding. 18MHz sy
raised cosine filtering is important to prevent ISI with symbol RLL span. I did not look at your code.
I don't know if you have the possibility to change the shape of the pulse using a raised-cosine filter with acceptable bandwidth and roll-off factor, to meet the other system requirements. I think this would solve the most of the spectrum problems.
Hello everyone, I want to implement a raised cosine filter to properly shape my data. Data speed is 1 Mbps. I've got some experience with PIC microcontroller plus I've PICkit 2. So I'd like to use dsPIC only. I've no idea how I am gonna do it (may be using tapped delay line) but before starting to learn dsPIC...I just wanted to ask, Can
Hi, I want to know how to draw the frequency response of raised cosine Filter (using the equation ) in MATLAB. I tried to implement the equation in MATLAB but I am not successful in getting the expected result. Can any one please help me with the code?
Hello, I'm simulating DVB-S2 blocks' chain with SIMULINK Matlab. I'm using DVB-S2 demo already loaded in SIMULINK libraries, I want to add to it a raised cosine Filter in transmitting and in receiving, but I have high values of BER, around 0.49 with ANY Es/No values. What's Wrong? I'm using those values about raised cosine
I am trying to build a simple transmitter and receiver in simulink. Output of random number generator multiplied with PN generator. Then, after bpsk modulation and raised cosine pulse shaping it is fed to awgn channel. I need to know the parameters for this design and ways to reduce BER.
The first proposed EDGE measurement filter was a raised-cosine filter with noise bandwidth similar to that of a practical receiver. man and van surrey
hi there, i would like to know the difference between raised cosine and root raised cosine in qpsk modulator.thank you
hi, i would like to know where to put the RRC at the modulator? whether before modulation process(Block diagram A) or after modulation process (Block diagram B)?is there going to be any difference between
I need the MATLAB code for a 3-tapped raised cosine function with impulse response f=.I really need it,plz help me.tnx
I have a set of symbol values to be modulated FM. Square root raised cosine filter is required for pulse shaping before FM modulation process. Roll off factor is given as 0.2. I wonder how transmitter pulse shaping filter order and its structure affects bit error rate after modulation and demodulation process?
why we use hilbert transform and raised cosine filter in matlab??:roll::roll:
Hi, Can any one please help me with the MatLab code to study the effects of truncation and mis-synchronization for a sinc and raised cosine pulse It will be a great help Thanks.
I want to know that square root raised cosine filter equation (following equation) can be used at both transmit and receive? h(n)= (4Rcos((1+R)2πnfc)+(sin⁡((1-R)2πnfc))/(8RkT_s fc))/(πF_s √(1/2fc)((8Rnfc)^2-1)) -∞
How could I do this function? = Rootraisedcosine(P, B ,T) It has to generate a vector with 2P+1 coefficients of a root raised cosine filter with roll-off= B and period = T. stc so is an struct. I have read about rcosine, rcosflt and design.pulseshaping and don't know how to use them in my (...)
Hi erece, occuped bandwidth depends of the spectral shaping of the transmission. Minimum bandwidth is B=Rs, so maximum spectral efficiency is log2(M). Usually, bandwidth is wider, for example using raised cosine shaping B=Rs*(1+alpha). Sometimes, unshaped transmission (rectangular pulses in time domain) assumes a required bandwi
Hi. First of all, sorry for my english :D I'm trying to simulate a 64-QAM modulation with LDPC coding and raised cosine transmit filter. The source block has a sample time of Ts=4.873148e-10, seed = 25 and outputs frames of dimension 32400 bits. Then the LDPC block codes with a coderate 1/2 and outputs frames of 64800 bits. The LDPC uses the pa