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is there any simulation tools to simulate embedded designs? meaning interaction between MPU, ROM, ram and RF modules?
You get junk on LCD because you have a lot of strings stored in ram and memory bank switching is a problem in PIC16F devices and you have to manualkly switch the banks in the code. I'm not sure to what you are referring. The compiler typically takes care of the required bank switching, bank switching becomes an
Hai, i just solved my problem of program getting reset on its own. Now i am up with another problem. Iam using RTC 1307 to get the time. The MC iam using is pic16f877a. Everything is working fine as it should until the ram usage is below 50%. Once it becomes 50% or more then the program doesnt work anymore instead it starts giving Spurious (...)
100346100346 - - - Updated - - - When I simulate this circuit,I can't Able to transfer data from ROM into ram .While Data is read correctly from the ROM - - - Updated - - - IT'S Urgent .Please reply as soon as possible
i m trying simulating a circuit but the proteus shows that simulation isn't running due to excess CPU load and isn't showing any output although the circuit is correct. I've i5 1st gen processor and 4GB ram and the task manager shows 20% CPU load when proteus shows 98% why is it so? And how to get rid of this problem.
i have got such a errors after all, as i am using latest version of mikroC 5.61, also i did not simulate it on proteus as it works or not, 0 1139 Available ram: 352 , Available ROM: 8192 0 126 All files Preprocessed in 16 ms 0 122 Compilation Started keypad_lib.h 193 123 Compiled Successfully Universal_keypad.c 0 127 All files
For few days I've been noticed that, pwm is not working in proteus simulation. I use proteus 7.6 sp0. It was working before. But I don't know what is happening, even when proteus is running, it is taking so much processor speed(>97%) and ram(>82%) where it took processor speed(22~56%) and ram (~38%). what (...)
Hi . I tried to simulate interfacing 8051 with a code memory.But it does not works! the PC(Program counter) passes "0FFF" but does not get ram entity. I attached the circuit and the test code! 6723467234 org 0 mov dptr,#1000h loop: mov a,#04h movx @dptr,a inc dptr movx @dptr,a inc dptr movx @
Same problem with me.. Im using XP service pack3 with 2gb ram and 512mb Nvidia Video CARD but still i have same problem. when I click It disappears all the components. Please Help please...
Im using 128x64(LM12468L) glcd with pic18f4550 and CCS. I use HDM46GS12 driver. First i developed a firmware without using "FAST LCD" it properly worked in proteus. but it didnt work when it is impemented. Then i used "Fast LCD" & it worked properly. But it takes more ram space(50%). I want 70% ram space for other I cant use "Fast
the code ive written IAR Ewarm doesnt work in proteus. small codes are working. but codes making use of interrupts and timers dont work. i have tried both hex files nd elf files as program file. but the code stops working after the interrupt subroutine occurs
I am using proteus 7.6 to simulate a 68HC11E9 chip with external ram chip connected. I am trying to read and write to the external memory but without use. I put the MODA and MODB pins so that the processor in the expanded mode. I tried to look at the examples provided by Labcenter and I think the external memory modules are not working either in
This should be possible. What are other requirements like: CPU arch, ram video?
is there any proteus "SIMM - 72pin 4Mb ram " - library? thx!