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how to give ramp input as vin (v2) in virtuoso tool 137166
how to give ramp input voltage as input to nmos for differential pair . cadence is a company, not a tool. try to catch up. what you are using is probably the virtuoso suite, and trying to simulate with spectre. there are many ways to achieve what you want, either using the graphical interface or by coding a spi
I would like to ask whether can I use Vdd = 1.2V for the input stage circuit and Vcc = 5V for the output stage circuit ?Yes, you can. However you have to consider following. - Surge Protection - ESD Protection - ramp Up Conditions for Vdd=1.2V and Vcc=5V
The 3914 IC (bargraph driver) turns on its 10 output terminals, one at a time or as a bargraph, in response to volt level at the input. A ramp voltage going up slowly, then dropping slowly, will cause On-Off signals as you need. You'll need to generate the 15-min delays. You'll need to adjust values to produce the rising and falling ramp (...)
129793 The source voltage is a ramp from 0 to 1V. Np:Ns=2:1, the source impedance Zg=100 and load impedance Zl=400. What's the voltage of Vx and Vy given the input source voltage from 0 to 1V? Thanks.
The problem is, as Klaus has explained, power supply sequencing and ramp up. The larger problem is whether the +15 and -15 supplies ramp up towards regulation at the exact same rate. It can be done, but you would have to carefully trim the compensation loop, filter caps, load currents, etc. Also, the +5 volt supply should be sequenced earlier than
If you want a comparator with accurate switching thresholds then do not use a Cmos Schmitt trigger, use a comparator instead. I think a Schmitt trigger is used to change a slow rising and slow falling ramp input into a fast snap action.
for these super low frequencies, use a current source/capacitor ramp generator circuit. Start the ramp at the positive going zero crossing of the input sine wave, and reset the capacitor to 0 Volts at the negative going zero crossing. Save the peak ramp voltage value in a simple diode/hold capacitor and read off the (...)
, it goes up then down and so on i want to ramp from r
The lag in forward conversion of the power to driver may result in some overshoot on step turn on regulation under some conditions of low input V , high current load, unless current ramp soft start is used.
If we stick with one of the very common readily available 100uH toroidal chokes, and we turn on the mosfet for 30uS the current will ramp up to 1.5 amps (with 5 volts applied). That will store 112.5 microjoules of energy. If our switching frequency is 30 Khz (33.3uS) that will be able to ransfer 3.375 watts, assuming no losses. So the choke charg
To test a digital thermometer, i need a circuit that generates a 4-20mA current ramp in 20min (1200 sec) in the up and down direction (also of 1200sec). The power supply available is 12V and the input resistance of the digital thermometer is 250 Ohm. Thank You
Is this for azimuth detection or maximum signal tuning or what? A scope can easily output X axis linear ramp for limited radial sweep of RSSI signal or a continuous RF 360 deg rotation with a synchronized index as FvM indicated, then fast retrace on scope or analyze with radial encoder to PC input or a sawtooth generator signal to ADC with a tiny
Hello, I have attached a picture of LP3470 Tiny Power on Reset circuit. The VREF is being supplied by a bandgap circuit. So, if VCC is ramping UP, then the bandgap output (VREF) must be available first at the comparator (+) input. After that , the divided VCC should be available at the (-) input. This is essential for a accurate POR (...)
Hi, Iam going to design a dynamic comparator for an Adc, 3 inputs, one for the input signal, one for the threshold voltage, and one clock and 2 differentials outputs, I would like to know how to simulate input offset in dynamic comparator Can I use a ramp for the input signal in transcient (...)
While the input capacitor charges, at first it shorts the base to 0V then the 140V maximum rating of the transistor will be destroyed by the 400V supply. Why does your 400V ramp up slowly? My full wave bridge rectifier power supplies ramp up almost instantly.
Hi all Anyone know how to measure dnl, inl of adc please show me how to do ? From what I know, we ramp up input of adc (slow ramp) in hspice and import result data to matlab to get dnl, inl. Thanks a lot
At ATE test, I expect we would ramp (step) the input difference upward, record first "1" and then from a positive overdrive, ramp down and record first "0". Then it's arithmetic. However this is liable to be statistical / noisy numerically and has never, once, been a clean test development or a totally clean production test solution as far (...)
Hi all, How can a ramp signal and clock be used to replace a PLL (phase locked loop) in the case where I know frequency is always fixed at say 60 Hz? Thanks
i want a c program where i can generate a ramp by giving input through keyboard with 5 diff frequencies n it shud b displayed also ... like if i give 6000hz thro keyboard it shud b displayed and also i want to include the time like 20s ... sp pls help me out in writing program where i can include frequencies theo keyboard n also time ... my range i