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randn('state',0); initiate the random number generator
Hi kydong, Adding several iid (independent, identically distributed) RV (random variables) get a distribution that resembles more and more a normal distribution. It is a consequence of the central limit theorem. The number of RV to be added depends on how much similar to gaussian has to be the resultant distribution. Only 3 RV give a rough
BER = Bit Error Rate For a serial data stream this give the number of bits which are sampled wrong due to jitter. So it is a precentage of errors. e.g. 10e-12 means one out of 10e12 bits are wrong. the RMS (or sigma) value is given for random jitter (RJ) random jitter is gaussian and unbound (from the theory) For a (...)
The central limit theorem of the random number theory says that the rather large sum of any random numbers gives the gaussian random number. Therefore Yoy can load any PDF file, add, say 100 neigboring bytes in it and get the genuine Gauss number.
Allot of times it's like this: The random function is more likely a pseudo random function generating outputs with a certain distribution (uniform, gaussian, ...). This means that when you give the same seed, the function always gives the same outputs in the same order. The seed is the thing which makes it "random". (...)
Hi, Friends, Anyone knows the essential difference between pseudo number series and true number series? I know that pseudo numbers in general have a repeated pattern while true numbers don't have. So pseudo numbers are predictable while true numbers is not. But what if a pseudo (...)