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do you want to simulate the thermal noise in transient simulation? this is a difficulty thing. in cadence you can use verilog-A model to model white noise in which it uses random number generator(RNG), so you can try to look for RNG in hspice for white noise model.
Hi, I want to design a truly random number generator, I want to simulate it in verilog-A. So I want to get a white-noise source as the random number input. But I write the verilog-A code as follow, but it can not work. module noise (out); output out; electrical out; parameter real (...)
In digital system, all data is 0 or 1. Where is the source for seed of the random number generator? We have tried using meta-stable to generate the seed. You also can use RTC (real time clock) input, since each time the time input will be different. For asic without RTC, you can think about other idea about how to (...)
Hello friends, I am trying to design high speed USB HRNG(Hardware random number generator), i have a source of random number generator which supply 9600 pbs,and i want to use multi-source of this random generator to satisfy (...)
Dear all, Anyone has the code or info for the random number generator and the random number verifier. I've to design for the transceiver, which transmiter has 8-bit PRBS and the receiver has PRBS verification. Any infomation is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Regards, Alwys@smart