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try #include /* srand, rand */ have you thought how you would seed the generator - it is only pseudo-random so unless you seed differently each time you run you will get the same sequence of numbers
I am not an international car thief, so I have been unable to unscramble the long pseudo-random cycling code, that the car manufacturers have used.:cry: Frank
can any one send a system VERILOG code for random sequence generator
Well. In one of my application which use avr-libc, there is also have this problem. Every first time, rand() will generate the same value. But next, the value is different. And I see the code: static unsigned long next = 1; ATTRIBUTE_CLIB_SECTION int rand(void) { return do_rand(&next); } ATTRIBUTE_CLIB_SECTION static int do_rand(un
4-1. random-Bit Noise generator??.??????????.?. 32 4-1-1. Uniform-Distributed random-Bit generator??.?.. 33 4-1-2. Normal-Distributed random-Bit generator????. 34 4-1-3. Pseudo-random random-Bit generator?????? 35 Regards, IanP
perhaps use a pseudo-random sequence feeding byte =>>D/A ==>output there is an app note on mchip site for random sequence: regards Polymath
Binary sequence generator I went to generate a sequence of bits Here length is 600*8 bits (this is fixed not random sequence) I will code this in vhdl Can some help me :cry: