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Hello everybody, Could anyone suggest me some video lectures that teach Design of analog cmos Integrated Circuits (razavi)? Thanks in advance.
There are few good examples in chapter 12 of razavi's book "analog cmos ..." that precisely answers your question.
any body has the text of analog cmos Integrated Circuits by razavi as pdf.please send me the link
Hi, everyone. These days, I'm reading razavi's book Design of analog cmos Integrated Circuits and I find some question. Could anyone give me some help on how to get an intuitive solution of the gain of the circuit in Fig.9.18(b)? And if the input pairs are not telescopic but folded cascode, what is it? Thanks in advance for (...)
Hi; I am currently studying cmos design from Behzad. Please if you could share with me the solution manual of "'Design of analog cmos Integrated Circuits...Behzad razavi". It would be a real help and i will be very grateful. Thanks in advance Regards,
There are two linc for you
Those links are dead. this is the updated solution with corrections solutions for Design of analog cmos Integrated Circuits_razavi - 244317525555C74CED8CD8AC4CE13C81 4.18 MB h*
I am analyzing the circuit in problem 2.6(c) of razavi's book "Design of analog cmos Integrated Circuits", but I am confused about the conclusion in the solution manual, it says that the device turns off when Vx=2-Vth+R1I1. But I think that once Vx is larger than 2-Vth, the device will always in saturation region, can (...)