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Here is the code for pic18f4580 #include #include #include /* #define RS RB6 #define EN RB7 #define D0 rc0 #define D1 rc1 #define D2 RC2 #define D3 RC3 #define D4 RC4 #define D5 RC5 #define D6 RC6 #define D7 RC7 */ #include "lcdtest2.h" void main() { int i; //char str;
I'm confused after seeing a circuit with pwm signal for a 50Hz inverter which used rc0 & rc1 of P16F887. rc1 is CCP2 out put its ok but how rc0 works same as rc1?
many ways to do this, and your choice of method depends on the speeds involved, on how you are generating rc0 & rc1 sequences, on your timing accuracy requirements, etc etc. The simplist method of course is to continously read (input) the RA0 pin, and set a flag/ enable rc0 &rc1 if its (...)
Hi ALL I am using PIC18f4620- I want to use the timer 1 to read rising edge of an external circuit output! Im confused about one single thing- The rc0 and rc1 pin of the PortC Register. The PIC spec says that rc0 is the "timer 1 oscillator output" and rc1 is the "oscillator input". (...)
Your description about hardware and definition is software mistaches * PORTD bits 0-3 are connected to the LCD data bits 4-7 (high nibble) * PORTC bit 3 is connected to the LCD RS input (register select) * PORTC bit 1 is connected to the LCD EN bit (enable) #define LCD_RS rc0 #define LCD_RW rc1 #define LCD_EN RC2 Check Enable pin
You probably don't want to turn T1OSCEN on, it is for configuring T1 to use an oscillator made from a low frequency crystal between rc0 and rc1. There also isn't much point in checking TMR1IE is enabled in the interrupt routine. If the IE bit isn't set the interrupt will not be called anyway. You should ensure that 'counter' is set to zero (...)
Hi, I2C pins are RC4 and RC5, while ADC pins are rc0, rc1, RC2, RC3, RC4 and RC5. So, since you are using I2C, you need RC4 and RC5 for I2C, then use either rc0, rc1, RC2 or RC3 for ADC, what's the problem? Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hello, Anybody explain why the external clock connected to T1OSO and T1OSI pins (rc0 and rc1 pins) cannot function even if I configure TIMER1 timer T1CON correctly. My T1CON = 0x3F; and Timer1 registers will not increment. But if I use FOSC/4 as a time base, clearing T1CON.TMR1CS = 0, TIMER1 would (...)
Hi guys. I'm designing my own ICD and I have seen a lot of schematics. I have been seeing the signals about ICD: - (RC5 > PGD_T out / RC4 > PGD_T in) RA5 > switch I/O PGD_T - (RC3 > PGC_T I/O) RA2 > switch I/O PGC_T - (RB7 > PGM_T out) RB1 & RB6 switch PGM_T out - RA4 switch the VCC_T - rc0 switch the VPP to MCLR_T - rc1 switch (...)