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post schematic or link for this... Here is circuit and PCB file. It's in Russian, you can use Google translate - it works good!
rds modulation is a QPSK modulation. It is a subcarrier of FM broadcast radio base band, 58 kHz above center freq. One common type of FM TX including rds, used in many cell phones. TX PA can be driven in several modes but carrier wave type is analog for all ty
I have finished my Arduino radio, using the Si4703 breakout module. Circuit, sketch and stripboard layout etc here: Simon Monk: Arduino Solar radio
how do i set rds level without oscilloscope i only have frequency meter is it possible ? and a rds car radio like receiver
hi to all, maybe someone can help me. i have converted the analog mpx (fm) signal from a common radio chip into a digital signal with a ADC. now, i want to demodulate the rds data from the fm baseband signal on my FPGA. first i reduce the bandwith to 57 KHz (which is the carrier signal) and after that i will try to demodulate the digital (...)
My car radio does this perfectly, based on the rds station info. It has a dual tuner to scan the available stations and check their field strength, also used to receive travel pilot information independently of the currently selected program. As far as I understand, it's a standard feature of
A lot of radio's doesn't have rds function, or they are limited by producers, so they can only display radio station name, or actual hour. If you want to make it yourself, you will have problems how to get quartz resonator with fr
Hi, Anyone has the following book"rds: The radio Data System (Artech House Mobile Communications Library) by Dietmar Kopitz (Hardcover - Nov 1998".If yes please upload it I need it badly. Thanking you, Cheers, Pankaj
Hi, I need help, please anyone, I use pic micro for driving led display. I need info how can I send SMS via rds to pic, with massage for display, Is it possible with pic micro?, I use 16f877, 18f452 and 18f8520 regards
Any suggestions on how to test for the following? a. SINAD b. THD c. rds (radio Data System) What equipments to use?
Your question is about principle of FM modulation/demodulation and this link will give you the answer: About FM Stero transmissions. I think today there are no more then 1% of DAB, rds, etc, from total radio users. Standard Stereo FM will be in place for many years now on, even if we
hi, I'm looking for a DSP based rds (radio Data Coder) encoder. thanks.
Hi, where i can find a valid and simple rds decoder and encoder pic based project ? 8O
Hi all I have designd a single chip rds (radio data system ) Encoder (using a high speed UC/dsp) The chip now is in beta mode bat its look promsing. Dose any one intersted ? (PM me ) Larry [ This Message was edited by: Larry_B on 2001-12-07 18:0

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