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You need to provide sufficient time for the gps to get stabilise. Better keep it in some open place to get stabilise and read the data from the gps once after that.
Is it possible to read data from gps module to an arduino board and send that data from that arduino board to a mobile phone when some condition is met in the program using Gsm module? This is with reference to softwareserial library. ex: (...)
Hello everyone, Am standed on my project. I wanna read sms from a GSM module but i using If uart1_data_ready = 1 then data = uart1_read() End if Stores no data in ma variable data. Pls what do I do
Hello i have a gps module (cmps09) i can read data from it but i write another program to change it address. but it doesn't work properly.could you help me on this? what is my problem? $regfile = "m16def.dat" $crystal = 8000000 $hwstack = 32 $swstack = 32 $framesize = 48 '==================== (...)
You will within a few seconds from start-up read NMEA data with information for each satellite. No need to wait for a fixation. AT89S52 and EM411, are logical levels compatible? Guess EM411 is a 3.3 volt device and AT is 5 volt? Verify if you get data from EM411, independent of actual voltage swing. A (...)
I am using SL1204 saretel antenna for sim18 gps module.Some times i am able to read valid data from the module and sometimes i am not able to read the data. Please suggest me some tips for working the my gps module (...)
Hi friends, I am working on tracking project. I want C code for PIC18F4550 which is interfaced with gps and GSM module. This PIC has to read data from gps and send this data to GSM with AT commands for sending SMS. Please help.
Hello, Im having probloms when trying to read data from a MediaTek MT3329 gps. The gps module is interfaced to the PIC via USART and sends a custom binary protoco
Experts, I want to receive data from a gps module serially into FPGA, process it and then display results. How do I read data from the serial port into FPGA? I did that easily in C on laptop but have no clue on how to implement the same on FPGA. I have the kit for (...)
Well, gps and gsm modules are all using uart to PIC. You just need read gps data, then send these data through gsm module. The gps data is fixed, and the gsm command is fixed also. For more, you can contact