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Hi, what answers do you expect from us? should I implement uart in my design? The answer is already given in post#2 So how should I use this port ? The answer is already given as link in post#4 ***** Please describe more clearely where you see the problems. uart is simple, widely used, loads of source (...)
Hi there, I have this part of code for read data from PM sensor (model SDS011 from Inova) via uart, according uart communication protocol from SDS011 manual (attach no:1): void ProcessSerialData(){ uint8_t mData = 0; uint8_t i = 0; uint8_t mPkt = {0}; uint8_t mCheck = 0; (...)
Hi there, I have this part of code for read data from PM sensor (model SDS011 from Inova) via uart, according uart communication protocol from SDS011 manual (attach no:1): void ProcessSerialData(){ uint8_t mData = 0; uint8_t i = 0; uint8_t mPkt = {0}; uint8_t mCheck = 0; (...)
Hi, I am using 8051 microcontroller with interfacing sim 300 modem My First aim is read signal strength from modem and show to 16*2 display. My code is below, My problem - The received signal strength - Not show to the display #include #include sbit rs=P1^0; sbit rw=P1^1; sbit en=P1^2;
hello guys, I'm using PIC24EP512GU810 for the first time and the datasheet is not detailed, so can u help me how can i find the uart pins ? Stop pointless complaining, start reading post #4 which has the answer for you.
Assuming that you are using the Xilinx MIG core, do you see the signal init_calib_complete signal going HIGH? That would be the 1st step of debug. You can connect it an on-board LED for visual indication. I had a similar design in which a uB_MCS was connected to a MIG core and an uart. I had connected the init_calib_complete to the uB_MCS reset
I have a DE0-Nano board from Altera, and I am planning to do a project with it this summer. However, I am not sure what projects are interesting or suitable, at my current level. I learned about debouncing, state machines, ADCs, LUTs, and uart through my courses. from what I read online, FPGAs are good for parallel (...)
I working on gsm based microcontroller project, My gsm works fine with hyper terminal on pc. But read garbage value (instead of "OK") like chines on "AT" command with 8051. Can any one help me in that problem?
Hello there I recently got this new IR Remote from ebay. it uses a vs1838b IR sensor and after digging for a while it seems like I need to setup PWM to read signal from it with my stm board. However all my attempts failed. Anyone can help my write a simple code to read the sensor input and maybe send it via (...)
hi, I'm doing a project for storing data to the USB sent from PIC controller(PIC30F6012A) using Vinculum(VNC2-32L1B) controller through uart communication. I am creating a file in the USB its created well and read/write works properly.Now what is my problem is the file is created with the default date(1/1/2010 12:00 AM).I want to (...)
I am working on a project using a Dallas Maxim DS89C450 (8051) micro. I am using the 51 to read data from a sensor, and transmitting that data to a PC at 115200 baud. I would like to read data from the sensor at twice my current rate. It seems a bit unlikely I'd be able to do that, and still have time to transmit the (...)
I think the 928 has a superset of then AT commands from the sim908, and thus, it has the AT commands to read the NMEA packets by a single serial interface... but please check that some commands are different and probably you can't make a direct change of a SIM908 with a SIM928. (I remember checking the commands for gps warm/cold reset and they we
Yes, it is possible and simple. Disable uart1 Rx and uart2 Tx. read from uart1 and send to uart2
As the micro-controller works in 5V and the SIM300 GSM module works in 3.7V to 4.2V while the Tx of SIM300 is less than 3.3V as the datasheet says. 120195 120196 datasheet: included with this post as attachment. I used PIC and SIM300 module to send SMS many times and it works clearly. Bu
Hi, I have a Nios system with Qsys components such as Interval timer, uart, SDRAM and some PIOs. My system specifications are DE0 Nano, Quartus 12.1 sp1, Altera monitor program. Nios II system are interfacing with several VHDL blocks. I am able to read data from FPGA to Nios processor, then transmit this data to (...)
Are you sure you understand the uart reception? You talk from the side of mC or the PC side? You should check if uart RC flag is set and then read the RCREG and write back to TXREG (so it will be transmitted back to PC as an echo). Post your code here so we can see what code you should add and be compatible with your (...)
I was working reading a SMS from SIM300cz GSM module. MCU: PIC16F73. I did some other projects SMS sending with this setup. They all works so fine. Even this one works fine too in SMS Sending. But I don't know where I made a mistake with code, it can not read anything from uart. (...)
Yup, that's pretty much also how I read that post. Either you'll have to add an uart module yourself, or that bluespec software has some pointey clickey capability to add an uart for you. For the former, see: For the latter, you might find something with this search:
I have read in various literature books that the baud rate generator in a uart module should generate a signal whose sampling frequency is exactly 16 times the uart's designated baud rate. For a 57600 baud rate, the sampling rate of the signal would therefore be => 16 x 57600 => 921600 samples per second, am i right? Would i need to (...)
RTS (request to send) is from transmitter to receiver, and it has no direct effect on the uart core in the receiver. The software can read it, and maybe an interrupt can be generated when it changes state. CTS (clear to send) is more important. The receiver sets it when it can receive characters. It is normally wired so the "TX register (...)

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