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Hello, I would like to ask if it's possible to run an emdedded RTOS (e.g. mark3, atomthreads ...) on a virtual machine. I've noticed that QNX Neutrino offers this utility, but unfortunately I can't find any documentation for the other real time operating systems on this issue. If it is possible, what procedure should I follow to make it work?
Perhaps u'll get better answers in the "PC Programming and Interfacing" or "embedded systems and real-Time OS " forums.
I would recommend the following: Valvano's series of texts on the ARM Cortex-Mx embedded systems: Introduction to Arm? Cortex-M Microcontrollers (Volume
7 years of experience in embedded firmware/hardware development, familiar with all major platforms and technologies. Specializing in low-power, wireless communications, real-time systems. Full resume is available upon request.
Hi, Can someone please suggest a research topic related to embedded systems/embedded architectures/embedded real-time systems. Would be helpful if it involved some design or programming work.
HOST ARCHITECTURE ! Windows runs on x86 or x86_64 and, if you play real nice with Microsh**it, you can run Wincrap 8 on a specific ARM platform. Linux runs on just about anything. As far as I know the only requirement is a MMU unit. - - - Updated - - - By the way, embedded linux systems are not con
I'm from india . I work for a training institute for past 2 years , where they train people in embedded systems . I have a little hands on experience in arm 7 (nxp lpc 2148) . Now, my institute gives me experience certificate for 2 years . I want to quote some real time project (projects done in industries) as for experience . Kindly (...)
Well It depends on what captures your interest. If you are interested in more like developing real world solutions and finished products, then take embedded systems. Or If you find IC level designing and micro and nano technologies to be more interesting, go for VLSI.
Artificial Intelligence,Visual computation, Graphics computation,embedded real Time systems Programming and..of course Robotics: Wish you success
I have found the Valvano series to be quite good: embedded systems: Introduction to Arm Cortex-M
Hi all, Am doing a project in 4.3" TFT LCD, driven by Renesas Microcontroller. The High performance embedded Workshop(HEW) compiler is used to modify the software(C coding). The objective is display a image(Bitmap format) on LCD. Using Segger-emWin bitmap converter, i have converted the bitmap image into C file which has the equivalent Hexadecim
I have been working on Microcontrollers(PIC 16F and Atmega 32) in Assembly and C programming language. I would like to do a project using real time Linux systems. Any idea where to start? IDE, Chips, Or any thing you feel important to understand program on real time Linux?
Small, well funded startup company seeking an embedded systems engineer to lead the electronics development for a really cool iPhone accessory that is currently in the advanced prototype / pre-production stage. Full time or contract position with competitive compensation and delicious meals included. You should have (...)
Industry based real time coaching and training in VLSI based projects and embedded systems projects by experienced expert faculty from industries like Agmel,HCL,Intel, Altera and many more expert free Lancers. So join us to develop your core competencies in VLSI, DIP, embedded, NANO, NETWORKS, NEURAL NETWORKS, DSP. (...)
I checked RTOS - real-Time Operating systems for embedded Development, real Time System By Express Logic They did not make a gnu arm version for trial. If you have the source of ThreadX, you can do it. I used gnu gcc for many RTOS with S3C2410x before. -- Amr
Title: Introduction to real-Time Operating System (RTOS) What is a RTOS? A RTOS is an OS intended for real-time systems. Many of embedded systems we meet in our daily life are real-time systems. RTOS is the backbone of these systems. RTOS manages system (...)
hi i am a final year electronics and communication student got placed in a reputed software company. But my real field of interest is embedded systems and right now im in the business of making projects and spending time. In the previous years and all, some core companies like cypress,honeywell or bosch used to conduct offcampus..but right (...)
I would like to know the answer to the following questions: Are the given below systems hard real time, firm real time or soft real time system 1. Automated teller machine 2. Airline reservation system 3. University grade system 4. Aircraft system Under what scenarios a same system can behave as hard/firm/soft (...)
Everyone who expert in embedded System , Please help me. I do Image Processing on personal computer only, should I call my work embedded System. Thank you . Jitkasem No way it is embedded. Unlike PCs, embedded systems have several constaints e.g. power in battery-driven devices, (...)
Stateflow by mathworks is usualy used to develop working code for embedded systems with real-Time Workshop embedded Coder. It can auto generate C code from the State diagrams. This it does very well. If you just want to draw and edit state diagrams to document your designs, search for 'Dia'. This is an easy to use, free, (...)