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hi, i've got an issue with one or more ds1302 realtime clock chips and I wondered whether I could have some fake chips, these were all sourced at cheaper than standard prices on Ebay; the fault I have is the rtc will very infrequently freeze many hours after power-up, it will also infrequently freeze when the unit it off - and it is using the b
Hello everyone! ECM which based on MPC55xx microcotroller ... if I will enable realtime clock /by using Cummins Insite program/ after its not possible to disable that option back ... any MPC55xx guru here ? How I can disable realtime clock?
+CCLK is accessing the ME realtime clock. +CLTS is a vendor specific command, e.g. supported by SIM900. It's said to get a local network timestamp, if supported by the network provider. According to SIM900 AT manual used without "=1" parameter. - - - Updated - - - I didn't yet get a clear picture which ne
if you using atmega8 to decode MP3, its impossible...the CPU clock and RAM cannot handle the realtime should change to AVR32 or PIC32 with HELIX decoder..
Do you use the on chip realtime clock fuctionality ?
Why u r using LCD and realtime clock for this purpose( relay on/off).Just use one of ur timer for setting up clock and 4led display for showing time and alarm setting. I have done this project for automatic street light controller in PIC micro which runs on 3.6v NiCd battery.
Using MPLAB with PIC10F206/int 4Mhz osc, MPLAB stopwatch says 948.031000 ms to line>> if (++seconds>59) below. It says 47.400000 ms >> if (part_seconds<20) return; This should mean the onboard clock will run way too fast, but in fact it is running much slower than the MPLAB stopwatch suggests on 4Mhz clock. EG a second anomaly per minute. See
It is not possible to get exact clock cycles on xp OS. It is not deterministic OS, and it is message driven, also every compiler is using its own optimization routines, so same code compiled on two different compilers result in different asm code. there is though possibility to get clock cycles of wince 6 which is hard realtime system.
`timescale 1ns/10ps module foo(clk); input clk; real t0; real t1; real frequency; initial begin @ (posedge clk) t0 = $realtime; @ (posedge clk) t1 = $realtime; frequency = 1.0e9 / (t1 - t0); $display("Frequency = %g", frequency);
What is a synchronising circuit? How are realtime signals synchronised with clock in digital circuits.
Hai Please check the link you can find "realtime clock with LCD " & many more Happy Programming Nandhu
Is there an easy way to pass 16kbit realtime stream over a 19.2kbps noisy serial link (without clock)? I want a simple format (not very complex as HDLC). It must be cover very easy data with minimum fade packet? THX,
hello, i need help from those who have any info or have done similar project before. does anyone know how to interface realtime clock IC (DS1302) to PIC16F84A? how to set the time in DS1302, since i only need the hour and minute for this project. do i need any particular programmer for DS1302 to set the time? or is it the PIC is just enough to d
is it reliable implementing realtime clock (seconds, minutes, hour) using timers? how do we go about calculating & fixing the error (say evey 3 day have to adjust by some seconds..)?