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hi, i've got an issue with one or more ds1302 realtime clock chips and I wondered whether I could have some fake chips, these were all sourced at cheaper than standard prices on Ebay; the fault I have is the rtc will very infrequently freeze many hours after power-up, it will also infrequently freeze when the unit it off - and it is using the b
Still not clear. What is the issue ? PC program does not get any data? PC program get but plot it incorrectly ( e.g data lost ) PC program plot correctly, but not realtime ? I'm unaware if Python can handle this, but did you consider using interrupt on the PC side ? Did you make experiments using lower baud rates ?
Hello I Need help which code can I Input in this code for REal time Graph Thanks using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.IO; using System.I
i guess in its code use fft code but with this micro and this freq sampling from lcd and this osilator how its posibble? The FFT function requires a lot of the uC resources and unless runing with a DSP compatible ALU, will not be able to get the result realtime.
Co-simulation helps to combine planar(microstrip) based circuit and lumped circuit element as well as active devices in schematic form in ADS. One need to simulate layout elements in momentum and call these results in circuit schematic,to combine with lumped and active devices. You can see realtime response of your total circuit by tuning voltages
hello. i want to store time as real in do i do it?for example delay:time:=2.3ps in vhdl. vhdl round off it to 2ps but i want 2.3ps in myopratins. tnx
Equivalent-time sampling is only possible for stationary signals. Most radar signal are not stationary because the object or the antenna (or both) are moving. They need realtime sampling methods.
Hello everyone, Im trying to write a Verilog-A Vpulse whose frequency is supposed to be 50M at 0-15us, 51M during 15-20us and 49M during 20-25us. How can I do that? What kind of operators or expressions are suoopsed to be involved in the coding? Timer or $abstime or $realtime? Thanks a lot for any answer!
Hi, I am very new to DSP so please excuse any brevity... I have to design a 4x4 CMOS camera array and stitch the images together for further processing... I have tried doing that with opencv but the frame rate count drops drastically... So i want to do the Stitching part using some Image Processor Kit which can take multiple CMOS camera input a
Hello everyone! ECM which based on MPC55xx microcotroller ... if I will enable realtime clock /by using Cummins Insite program/ after its not possible to disable that option back ... any MPC55xx guru here ? How I can disable realtime clock?
+CCLK is accessing the ME realtime clock. +CLTS is a vendor specific command, e.g. supported by SIM900. It's said to get a local network timestamp, if supported by the network provider. According to SIM900 AT manual used without "=1" parameter. - - - Updated - - - I didn't yet get a clear picture which ne
Check simulator settings menu, Update/realtime watch tab.
Hello: For my project's needs,I have to control a touch screen with my computer. With AutoHotKeys I was able to creat all the frames I need. I get mouse coordinates when I've a leftclick. An exemple of frames obtenaid: 0.7820 1 F Rx d 7 0B 81 8B C8 00 02 80 1.3440 1 F Rx d 7 0A 41 FC C8 00 04 80
Hi, I want to detect few dynamic gestures (around 3 gestures) using accelerometer without help of a PC. Is it possible to do it on a microcontroller in realtime? (ATMEL ATmega series)???
how can i convert realtime video stream to bit stream in matlab? thanks
Hi forum users, I try to figure out which is the right decision to make about the following case: a microcontroller makes a measurement every minute. The data block (realtime+meas_data) has a size of 8 bytes. These data are sent to an external memory. When the memory is full, then the old data will be overwritten. The desirable memory size is
Hi! Here's a cool hack I came up with during the weekend, and surprisingly enough, proved to feasible: Capturing composite video NTSC signal with a USB oscilloscope (Picoscope 2204 to be exact, they have a nice C API), and decoding it realtime to emulate a composite display in
If you need a starting point of how to write FIR's you could take a look at the realtime processing language called Puredata. It is a great starting point for learning the basics. I can't help you with the specifics of the DSK6713 for that you will need a cup of coffee and bit of time with the datasheet.
Hello, How are you? Excuse me, do you have any information about real time operating system? :sad::-(Because I want to write a report about it and it will include these following points: * An Introduction to real‐time operating systems in general * Explain how and why they are different from general purpose operating systems such as W
Hello, Excuse me, do you have any idea about these topics: Discuss how QNX is one such OS. Describe how QNX does kernel organization, memory management and process management Thank you..