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I mean to say that, I wanted to use transmission with 3.3V and my reception is with 5V can i use a 3.3v transmission for that receiver using MAX232?
hi all, need some advise on how to implement lookup table in NS-2. for example: a lookup table for IEEE 802_11Ext module, which has details such as modulation type, SNR level, and BER. So based on SINR measurement from NS-2, instead of using the SINRThresh_ value in current module, the probability of reception is based on the BER. I'm
Sorry I post quite off topic, but why high precision synchronization with GPS or Cesium is needed in SDH and also Wimax? This synchronization is to avoid the necessity of clock recovery at reception - physical level, or something at higher levels? Why clock recovery isn't used (I guess for SDH by definition it's synchronous and clock (...)
I have one idea and I need your help people. What I'm planning to do is receive several TV signals at one (high) location with good reception, demodulate them to composite video level and then use RF link in GHz range to transmit it to another location with bad reception, and use old analogue SAT receiver for reception. I (...)
At this frequency assuming RX and TX antennas with 0dB gain and a level of -70dBm at RX antenna connector (for a good reception), the line of sight in free air between antennas would be 40m, when you transmit 0dBm. At 20dBm TX power, the line of sight in free air theortically will be 300m. In reality for both cases the distance would be less, d
Input power level is not a constant. TV and FM receivers are build for wide dinamic range of input signal level. Usual minimum antenna level for TV is about 40dB? and can be as high as 10mV on 75 ohm. FM receivers have sensitivity about 2?V for mono reception and 50?V for stereo. On cable TV antenna level (...)
hi all, recently (about 5 days ago) i bought a siemens SX1 mobile had worked fine for two first days but after that i get "no network coverage" although the reception level is good.i test my simcard with another phone in the same area an it's fine. i saw on the web that some other peoples have my problem with their nokia or siemens phon