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Hello, I'm not a specialized person in this field of wireless communications but i need to calculate the maximum distance 2RF systems can be apart. One of them will be placed in a eletric racing car. I know the motor produces noise so if there is anyone who can help with this part too it would be awesome. The motor is an EMRAX 228 medium volta
i'm using the 20Mhz crystal in PIC18f26k22 controller fro serial communication program. the aim of program is to receive data from the Hercules to PIC and send same data back to Hercules while using serial communication i try to receive serial data at baud rate of 19200. but as i use reception time out count value 866 (which is calculate bas
i have interfaced pic and ds1307, along with displaying it in lcd. but no communication is happening between pic and rtc, neither transmission or reception.please help. assembly codes is attached herewith
Can anyone send me the code for the dscdma rake receivers...... mail id thanks
Please, Can anyone send me the matlab code for DS CDMA rake receivers sandeeppokala1995@gmail.comm
The EM4094 is an integrated transceiver chip that can be used to build analog front-end modules for RFID readers. The chip's data transmission and reception links allow the transmission and decoding of any communication protocol, so the EM4094 supports all EM's 13.56MHz transceiver chips, ISO15693, ISO14443 A & B, and the Sony Felica protocol. With
can it be received by an android phone? No. Requiring direct reception by a mobile phone without a gateway restricts the protocol choice to Bluetooth. Battery lifetime would strongly suggest BLE with maximum range of 10 m, unfortunately.
am using a SAMSUNG wireless charger (Model: EP: PG9201) Transmitter for my project, and at the receiver end I have RX coil of 26uH inductance and 520 mOhm DC Resistance, when i place the reciver assembly on top of the transmitter the coil is picking up volta135159135158135157[A
Hi, I am attempting to transmit and receive using two ADF7242 boards. The datasheet of ADF7242 says that it has 256 bytes of dedicated RAM which constitute Tx and Rx buffers. I allocated the first 128 bytes to reception and the next 128 bytes to transmission by setting the base address for Tx and Rx appropriately. Next, I transmitted a continuou
* To get best reception at a certain frequency, try to make L value variable (example, like the tunable inductors inside radio receivers.) * To do impedance matching between sections, a general rule is to base the L value on available current. Low A, low C, high L. High A, high C, low L.
thanks, ive emailed them and they phoned me and offered to talk, but i couldnt pick up due to being busy.....i now cant get reception on the phone. Anybody any rough idea of the cost?
132212 Last year, Columbia Engineering researchers were the first to invent a technology?full-duplex radio integrated circuits (ICs)?that can be implemented in nanoscale CMOS to enable simultaneous transmission and reception at the same frequency in a wireless radio. That sy
Are you asking about the bowtie antenna provided (years ago) with television sets for UHF reception? An alternate shape was a simple loop. Both types were several inches across. They needed to receive a wide range of frequencies, therefore they did not need selectivity. They could have a lot of shapes and still work, I believe. It was convenient t
As explained the first problem is trggering the timer at launch time. What I fancy is a torch with a LED in it which PWMed. The reception of the PWM keeps the timer reset. So when the missile is launched it gets out of the PWM light beam, so the timer starts. Now as for the servo, seems a lot of technology to open a parachute. This is an idea I p
Hello, I have built a 16MHZ receiver on breadbords and can hear 10 nanowatt transmitter at the other end of my appartment. The problem is that I am using 1meter of piece of wire on a wooden stick as an antenna and compensate its capacitance with an rf choke attached to the antenna end. As a result quality and amplitude of reception depend on nei
Update: I tried removing the printer and tried to read Bluetooth data (without printing) and it worked fine. Tried reading about 200000 bytes with 2000 bytes every single time with a delay of a sec or two max and it worked well and at good speed. When I connect printer and read the data and as well print, I am able to
Example widely used for data reception: A is the callback function executed by an interruption. B enable this interruption at the beginning.
Hello, I am trying to communicate with RN4677 (Bluetooth Module from Microchip) from a Andriod device. We are having a issue with Bluetooth where 1. There is a delay in data reception (This happens randomly). 2. There probably is some data loss too (because of which I am getting some junk) 3. The signal strength is not that good (Work
This might have to do with the 5 descriptors used by ham radio operators. Each refers to some aspect of radio reception. '5' means perfect. '1' means unreadable. '5 by 5' means ideal in all aspects.
Hi , i'm doing a project with pic16f1805 , i use a library rs485 from micro c for pic , i need to use interruption in reception of data i simulate with proteus the data is transmitting from master but the 's no interrupt for receive .please can someone help me this is my code : .char Dummy ; char dat; char cnt ; int i,j ; sbit