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Hi guys, I've got a 9 led torch - it takes 3x aaa batteries. So 4.5 volt? I want to get it running from a usb cable. I tried today - I used a usb to mini usb cable - the black and red wires. The torch lit up -- but the LEDs were CRAZY bright - started to flicker, and the touch was getting hotter (...)
Hi all, I want connect my camera to matlab gui how do this ? my model ES60 and have usb cable. I read these information from Matlab help file Getting Hardware Information To access an image acquisition device, the toolb
Hi Try to connect CTS & RTS signals ( from the modem) together All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
Am I doing this right? I have black and red from the usb. But for the PS3 I have tan, grey, and black. I tried tan to red, black to black, but the fan did not fan is 12V DC and 2.65A. Is there anyone that can give me a little guidance with this? Hel
Im looking to develop a usb device that will turn 2 bicolor leds from red to green when a serial numbered entered via the computer is matched with the one stored on the usb device. I need to make 4 of the units, as inexpensive as possible, as well as create a simple piece (...)
Can any body help me with this program? I wont when push the auto scan button the program will receive signal from robot throw parallel port and it will change color of form to red if received signal is 1 0 or to green if received signal 0 1 and I wont to change all forms color but as signal received to red or green . This is my
The first person to get me this pinout gets 100 points Hi, I have a WM168b internal usb WLAN module from a laptop. I am trying to work out the connections on its flying lead, but it is odd as there are *six* of them. I don't have the laptop unfortunately, or even know what model it was. I've searched all over f
Real Simple Pic Programmer /Deleted. Take it from the link below. (klug)
Hi Analyzer, 1). u definitely r able to draw 200ma from usb port. the only exception is on the keyboard port of macintosh, as i know 2). vbus is noisy though, it's still usable & depending on how u filter, then make it clean. otherwise, how 2.0 bus powered device exist. / User banned for copy/pasting posts just to get points. /