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The Schottky diode forward voltage drop will reduce the voltage to the battery resulting in not full charging. The base resistor value is too high causing the transistor not to saturate since the datasheet shows it saturating well when its base current is 1/10th its collector current.
Hi, I tried with low value resistance, but no improvement. Your schematic is not clear. Is the resistor that powers it 2.2k ohms? Then a 330 ohm resistor as I showed reduces the mic sensitivity about 8 times which is -18dB. Maybe the input of the mic preamp already has a low resistor value? which Mic. is
If I use two cores for one inductor will its saturation current increase? What arrangement you want to do? To wind around these two cores stacked side-by-side? This would in fact reduce the electromagnetic flux over each core, but it seems a bit unusual?
Is making a helix in Maxwell the same as in HFSS? If so, when you make your initial figure to sweep, I select changing "Number of Segments" from 0 to something like 8 or 12. This will make the simulation more polygonal and run more efficiently. It sounds like you need to reduce curves in general. Although sweeping wit the helix tool will start to r
Hello, Does earthing reduce electricity bill ?
You do not need a precision rectifier for a 230VAC mains input, ordinary rectifiers work fine. An electronic VU meter has a low input signal of maybe 230mV to be rectified that will not turn on a diode so the extremely high voltage gain of an opamp is used to reduce the 0.6V forward voltage of a rectifying diode to almost nothing.
I did not tried slit method, but i can give you an idea on size reduction: Assume your patch size is W x H (width and height). 1) Try to move feeding line from center of patch to the left by distance approximate = W/4 2) Center frequency now be different. Do the simulation, find center frequency. 3) reduce patch height H until center frequency
Hello, please help I have a problem in terms of the slit method I had to prove that the slit method can reduce the size of patch antenna by 5 to 30%. As seen in the figure below. 129794 without slits 129795 with slits It looks like there is no change to the width of the patch antenna. I
Because dynamic current does flow through the gate to charge and discharge the gate capacitance when the MOSFET switches. So a low gate poly resistance will reduce the gate charge and discharge time, increasing the maximum operating switching speed of the transistor.
Hi, I'm currently working on a project that requires both 5V and 3V7 with a max current demand of about 2A - I'm wondering if it's acceptable to simply reduce the 5V by placing a diode inline to the 3V7 input? Perhaps there is a better way of doing this? I have tried an adjustable buck boost regultor but the noise seems to be causing me proble
Most modern portable microphones are the electret type ( look it up ion Google). They have a Jfet inside to reduce the extremely high impedance to a useable impedance and the Jfet is powered by a voltage from 1.5V to 5V at a current of about 0.5mA.
The normal flip chip bounding character impedance is 50ohm. Is there any way to reduce the character impedance? It seems that the wider the bounding the less character impedance is. Is there any material that has less area to achieve the low character impedance of the bounding? Thanks.
Any papers about this issue: high supply voltage but low voltage input diff pair is used in order to reduce size and to improve the matching issue. Thanks.
What are the different techniques to reduce gate delays and combinational logic circuit delays? I am aware of adding buffers to reduce circuit delays and sizing by the method of logical effort to reduce gate delays. What are the other techniques used by designers in the industry?
This is simple unencripted eeprom with SPI interface. You can use TL866 to read and write it. If SO8->DIP8 adapter have to be used, read it once and verify multiple times to be sure, that it is connected properly. For writing it is the same. And don't tell anyone that you are planing to reduce mileage of your car before sell it.
My question is why there is a need in darlington transistors to create these h-bridges? ..................................... if yes why darlington allow to switch high currents?To reduce input current. Ibase=Icollector/Beta. So if Icollector is large, Ibase is also large. Darlington makes Beta large. [QUO
If the chip was flip chip, but I want to further reduce the parasitic inductance. Any method I can do? Or the foundry has some method to reduce the inductance? Thanks.
Hello everyone, I need to know the difference between noise floor level and the spurs level of the system. I know the basic definition of these terms. Lets say if i want to reduce the spur level below -60dbc,than what will be the level of noise floor at this spur it possible to relate these two terms. Thanks
Just opening the PCB solder allow to reduce the calculated width of copper track required for that routing.
I think multi-band. Because of mobile phones (2sim gsm+cdma+gps+bluetooth). maybe. But more recent papers focus on beam steering, something like wifi wich alters beam direction to point in your phone/notebok/pad. To reduce interference, focus power, increase speed.