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I've Designed one recently. I got 96%. The points are, make your transformer good, make a stable HF oscillation. and use more FETs than required. That will reduce switching loss.
What is the output power? What is the switching frequency? For the MOSFET, you have three types of losses involved: conduction loss, switching loss and gate charge loss. To decrease conduction loss you need to use a MOSFET or a (...)
When we increase the switching frequency, result in increase of switch loss if we keep the same size powerfet. By reducing the powerfet to reduce the switching loss, which will increase the Rds_on of powerfet ,result in the increase of conduction loss. My question : Is there any formular (...)
Can any one tell me the difference between the "pulse skipping" and "the "burst mode" commonly used in dc-dc converter to reduce switching loss. Thanks Scottie
ZVS is a technique used in switching power supplies to reduce switching losses. The idea is that switching losses occur whenever there is overlap of voltage and current through the devices. Therefore, switching the device when either the (...)