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I'm guessing this has to do with the class or subclass you have selected once you try to add text. Could you have it set to "ref des" or something similar rather than something like Board Geometry/SilkScreen Top?
I am going to be merging 2 boards together, both done in allegro, the schematics are in orcad. my EE's are saying to renumber all of the components on one of the boards to for example r1000 rather than r100 so when they are merged I don't get any error's. 1. how do I do that? can I renumber the ref des in allegro then back annotate into or
There are actually two different texts available which covers both topics quite well: Analog design and Simulation using OrCAD Capture and
you do not have to delete library in main window select *.dsn file than right click >> edit object propertiee now in this window in Comp ref column check the part which does not have any footprint assigned to it and than give it some ref des
try this first select one ref des and then RMB click>>find similar objects
Hello All, Is there any options to print the Schematic's of CAPUTURE CIS with ref des.. i mean if i click any ref des it have to highlight in Pdf, or if i click any symbols in Pdf it have to shows its attribute.. In concept HDL this option is available.. i m not aware about CAPUTRE CIS.. pls help me to find out.. (...)
I have some components on the Bottom side of the board. But I am not going to use Silkscreen Bottom! So I think that I need to add ref. des. to these components on the Bottom Layer as copper, am I right? So how can I add these ref. des. in PADS Layout? I need ref. des. at least for Test Points...
count will be same as no of components untill unless you will not delete or modify ref des labels
is there any option to suppress reference designator of certain components like TP1-TP40 while taking artwork.:?:
It is placed when you include it into silkscreen gerber file. Verify your gerber before sending it to manufacturer by opening it in a viewer like CAM350 or by importig it back into Editor. If you dont' see any refdes then go to manufacturing-artwork and edit particular silkscreen gerber by pressing right mouse button ot it. In popup window include
For Placement I am not sure but you can simply copy-paste your routing to any pcb or within the pcb (though components are also copied but for ref des annotation you have to find some way).
I am having a problem with the silkscreen in pcb editor. The gerber files only show the package outlines and no ref des or other text. When I view the silkscreen layer the text and the ref des show fine. I have checked the boxes for ref des in auto silk config and am not sure what to do next?
Hi All, Is there any possibility to generate X and Y locations of silk screens (ref des) from expedition PCB. Thx
Hi See SP605 Documentation under "reference designs". There are lot ref. des. (including MIG) -- Regards, Jack
Hi Sha, When the pdf file is done select the "Composite" page in Acrobat. Enter a ref-des to search. Some pads of the decal are highlited. pcbman
I am trying to get the ref des use list and for some reason i get the message: Record id must be ≥ 0 . What is missing ? Thanks
Hi All, In my design capture, when i set the instance all the ref des get changed. If I unset the instance means the original ref des reflecting in the schematic How to keep the original ref des with instance data. pls help ASAP Thx
Hi pinki patel, If you have a small PCB you can copy it into PADS Layout. The problem is that PADS doesn't copy the board outline (however you can duplicate it using 2D Lines). The very big limitation to panelize a job is that all components ref-des are incremented! But il you have not need of silkscreen layer may be this solution pleased to yo
Hi, it should be a BZX99 or BZY99... I think, that Z2 is only "ref. des"(position Nr) of the second diode? K.
First turn on silk layer and do clean up. If you want to clip silk lines or move ref des then use Auto silk otherwise your fab house will do it. Then map your silk layer in artwork dialog box to generate Gerbers. M
There is more to it than origin. One thing it can not have same ref.des. Or if there are identical nets then you have to live with rats net showing or DRC indicating unconnected nets which you have to sort out whether is acceptable or not. But is doable I have done boards which were mounted opposite each other so I laid out in the same file.
... the problem is in doing simple copy paste tool is not assigning any ref des and net name to the routes The problem is you are not reading my post attentively IT DOES PASS THE ref des if you select it if not then IT WONT PASS the ref des. Sub Drawing feature of Allegro works perfect. M
Hello, Anybody know about chips.prt file (DE HDL) and how we can use it to combine all ref des (homogeneous & heteregeneous) logical part in one .dra file?
First off you wont be able upload net list to Allegro if your pins in CIS is not numbered or symbols missing ref des. But it is possible to back annotated from Allegro to CIS provided that you have your folders setup properly and have all three files that generated from CIS to allegro. In addition if you want to swap pins or gates in Allegro you
i downloaded the reference design but i need the codes. but ref.des. contain full source for modify picoblaze software coding use ass
Multi sheet designs are very much in use. design may link to various pages. You have to use Ports (off page connector)& define net names. Save & run for DRC, ref des & other utilities. Some Packages generates Intersheet reference to indicate which page the next connection goes. If you want to create (...)
Hi all, I'm using Allegro 15.2 and I want to change text size of components' ref des number in my board. Can anyone tell me how to change them automatically instead of changing them manually one by one? Thank you.
I want to change the size of the des ref of all componment on silkscreen layer. But I don't know how to operate.:?:
I am using Mentor Graphics Expedition WG2002 tools, and have run into a challenge where i could use some guides / help. Currently I have a complete PCB design made in Expedition, but schematics were made in Protel. My new design is very similar to the old design (many similar netnames, parts and (...)
Altera is offering a solution for their customers. More information is available from: Overview SRAM-based FPGAs are volatile devices. They require external memory to store the configuration data that is sent to them at power up. It is possible for the configurat
hi, doing homemade pcb is easy. with a bunch of cad tools, some common household equipment, some chemicals and stock pcb, from the local pcb shop, one can easily create pcb at home. i was just wondering, how can a reference designation be placed on pcb w/o the use of silkscreen? well, these ref des does not include (...)
Hi all, How to auto renumber jumper ref designator on a single sided board in Po*we*rp*cb Thx George1
Hello, I had a .brd file and need to modify it to insert a connector. I change all the layout and insert a connector symbol in the board, but I can't set a ref designator to this conn and I need it to change my netlist. Could you please tell me how can I create a new ref des in Allegro and associate it with my connector (...)
any one have an allegro skill file for silk screen ref des. orientation ?
Hi, if you want to synchronize your system clock to different reference clocks take a PLD, divide the system clock (generated by a VCXO) and reference clock to e.g. 8kHz (=>frame sync) and combine them with XOR logic. The result is a measure for the clock difference. You can feed it to the VCXO adjust via an integrator build with resistor/capacito