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The following text has some fairly good real world examples of using Embedded Linux with various platforms and applications: Embedded Linux: Hardware, software, and Interfacing While
There are actually two different texts available which covers both topics quite well: Analog Design and Simulation using OrCAD Capture and
You need to reduce input voltage and shift by 1V to avoid negative values. Shift input voltage by adding a DC source of 1V, so new range will be 0 - 4V and then add a divider with factor 2, so new range will be 0 - 2V; with these range value can go to MAX1415; in software code need to take account these operation (shift and scaling). ref+ and (...)
Hello to u all, am a little bit curious about this multisim simulation software ever since i came across it; i've spent all my tome day and night in search of any good ref material on how to use this platform to design and of course run the designed ccts, and see the wonder of the outputs such as in signal generator, multivibrators, timer circuits,
check this site: PHP: Direct IO Functions - Manual php-serial - PHP Class to support serial port access (and various other serial device drivers) - Google Project Hosting
OSA : Documentation
Buddy, Google for sun ref arch and verimatrix system you will get deocuments for same......
Hi, Search here pls for lot of Apll Notes & ref. Designs + download the very good design SW; PI Expert Design software:
Hi Guys I am using MCF5282 micro controller for my project. This micro controller has a inbuilt ADC with 8 input ports, a reference high and low. Can i use these adc pins to implement a window comparator in the software. The board is having 3.3 and 5v supply. inorder to implement a window comparator i need to set a ref high and low value (...)
i downloaded the reference design but i need the codes. but ref.des. contain full source for modify picoblaze software coding use ass
hi, i am facing task to test a mixed-signal mcu which include some opa/comparator, voltage ref, lcd driver. The whole ic has been verified through spice simulation. I was generating binary test pattern about digital cpu core, but have not idea how to test the analog parts. Can I test analog parts with digital parts at the same time ? What
Since I'm around, the quick anwer with ref is yes, Definitely yes! Just google something like 'two beam antenna array' and you find info.
Hi all, I'm interfacing a thermocouple (type K)to a CY8C26443 chip. Thermocouple to the INSAMP (ref = AGND) then to the ADCINC12 (refMUX = 2BG +/- BG). I've applied the (Correlated double Sampling and IIR software filter) to nuteralize the offset voltages and signal noise. The main problem is: i get a correct readings out of the ADC (-800 (...)
There are rules of thumb for this purpose. This is where Henry Bode tried to simplify them. I am giving a link: