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I want to know that how to connect two boards in the different power source Whatever the connector you choose, the ground reference must be the first conductor to be connected.
There are many previous threads about split ground planes respectively how to connect analog digital grounds. You'll find split ground plane suggestions often with reference designs, that are in terms of existing mixed signal systems rather trivial boards, with only one mixed signal chip. The latest when a second mixed signal chips is add
Companies such as ST Microelectronics, Hitachi, NXP Semiconductors, Ti, Infineon Technologies and many others make devices for ISO15693 vicinity cards. Between the data sheets, and code examples there is a wealth of information on the manufactures sites and forums. There are also low cost eval boards with reference designs and example software. Sin
How about looking at a reference design:
Hi there, Greetings, I have a set PIC18 WIRELESS DEMO KIT (PIC18F46J50) with MRF24J40MA boards. The application is for remotely turn on/off a switch. I am looking for example source code to use as reference. The Microchip demo program (8-bit WDK Demo) is too complex for me to understand. (please excuse me, I am not expert in embedded
Hello to everyone, I am very new to the world of FPGA boards, and digital data converters, and that I deal with signal processing hardware. I am going to work with a TR4 development board produced by Terasic, such a board is mounting a Stratix IV FPGA which is meeting my performance requests. Now the point is that I would like to connect an A
Check out "Printed Circuit Board Designer's reference: Basics" By Christopher T. Robertson. A good tutorial to begin with. All the very best!
Hi, all are Printed circuit board only. the difference is only for what purpose it has to used. example bare PCB is used for small hobby project. it consist of only soldering pad available in market . reference pcb is if the pcb is is routed and no component are place on board that's called reference pcb. mother board are complex pcb used for hi
Yes. Shorting the grounds is a must so that you will ensure a common reference platform for all signals and power rails that are crossing between two Cards.
Hi, I have bought one Embest DevKit1207 boards, it has many software examples. I attach the example for i2c for your reference. very good platform! I intend to use the STM32F207IGT6 processor for a small
Touchstone Semiconductor has extended its free demo board program through Dec. 31, 2011. The company is offering free demo boards for their analog IC products, including the 0.8V, 0.6?A TS1001 operational amplifier, and the new push-pull TS9001-1 and open-drain TS9001-2 ultra low-power voltage monitor ICs, with +1.252V reference and a 1% initial
Hi , I am looking for FPGA evaluation board (prefereed with xilinx should have DDR3 Interface...and cost to be withtin $100, If any one has reference boards...plese post -Shyam
Need System Generator reference design/tutorial for Avnet Virtex-4 Memec Board. I'm facing problems with JTAG Co-simulation & Generation.
Hello, TI's OMAP3530, DM3735 arm processors can support ddr. Atmel's AT91SAM9G45, Samsung's S5PV210 arm processors can support ddr2. You can check below boards for reference: Embest DevKit7000 S5PV210 Evaluation Kit, Samsung S5PV210, Development Board, 1GHz, ARM Cortex-A8, Android 2.3, DDR2,
i have three different boards ADC/DAC, radio and FPGA. radio has a 20MHz crystal. i am supplying reference clock to ADC/DAC and FPGA from the same reference. should radio also need to run on same reference clock as ADC/DAC and FPGA? if so why?
A very important care is to ground external surface of connector to certify that reference GND will be the 1st net to be connected. If you are using pin-array, take the first, and last pins grounded, due one of them will be firs connected ( assuming connecting at any inclined angle ) . +++
Hello I have two board the first is an amplifier board and the second is the digital one. The digital board have 16 ADC with differential inputs. Those two boards are connected by a differential pair (30cm). On the first board, there is a single ended to differential converter which use a voltage reference, and I'm wondering if I should better ro
Hi See SP605 Documentation under "reference Designs". There are lot ref. des. (including MIG) -- Regards, Jack
there will be jitter. this is a short term difference in frequency. most likely, it will only change by +-1 cycles, though more is possible when you multiply the clock by a large amount. Of course both boards must have the same reference clock.
If your input is more than 1.25v you have to scale it. Go through this reference design to learn more: