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hello can any one help me iam using diptrace pcb software in that how to move the reference designator like c1 , i wanted to move this c1 whic is conected to the component
It is a switch.. the pcb silk screen confirms that too with the reference designator of SW.
When I am creating a custom PCB footprint in altium how do I specifiy a position and size for the reference designator when I create the component. I know the program will automatically put one when I place it on the board but I want to be able to define ahead of time a position and size. How do I do this?
How to do Incremental reference designator update in Allegro HDL entry 16.3? For example I have resistors from R1 to R50, few of them deleted during design cycle. Now I add 2 more resistors in design. After back-annotating design new resistors gets missing references (say R20, R21) instead incremental value R51 and R52. How to overcome (...)
is there any option to suppress reference designator of certain components like TP1-TP40 while taking artwork.:?:
Click on the "i" button of allegro. And then on the right side of the screen there is a "Visibility" option - where you select on the Top & Bottom layers. Then go to "SELECT" menu under the visibility option. In the sub menu, choose "Component/Part" and type the reference designator of the part you are searching for. Your component will be selected
Hi, When you import the .ASC netlist from Schematics tool into PADS, the initial part of the netlist will contain something like this : *PADS2000* *PART* BD1 1206 BD10 0603 Here, left column if the reference designator and right columns is the footprint name (DECAL name). You need to have Decals with these names in your
Hello All, I tried to design a voltage doubler circuit. I have used a diode. Initially I have given only a reference designator. It has thrown an error to mention the model name. When I checked the diode properties, it is prompting for below details: Model Name : Device area : Junction perimeter factor : Length : Width : Multiplier :
hye Everyone, im designing PCB with hundred of components.. some of the components just repeated placement arrange. mean some component have the same arrangement, so i used the "placement edit". the problem is, when i used it, the reference designator was spread all over the board not like usual it will be place near to the component, if i wan
hi, let me know you want to export reference designator or text?..text means you can export by subdrawing(file -export-subdrawing)
hi all, i have some questions regarding conceptHDL. I am using Cadence Allegro16.3 1.How to put and increment reference designator for components and to change/add value or any attribute of components at a time. 2.While copying sheet from one project to another project i am not getting signal_name. How to recover it? 3.procedure for writing
hi all, i have some questions regarding conceptHDL. I am using Allegro16.3 1-How to select or find any particular component (for ex 0805R having value 10K)or net name in schematic design entry? 2-How to increment reference designator of component. For example I have first component on board R1. Now i want to copy and repeat it to R2 to R100(
Hi All, I am designing a flat schematics using Allegro CIS. I am facing a problem that duplicate reference designator for every symbol. eg : if U1 in the white area , but in yellow area it will be another reff designator. The way I am fixing this problem is removing all occurrence and update the designator form the (...)
I feel while doing ECO ,u have selected Library reload. you deselect that option and then do the ECO.. one more possibility is ,you have changed the reference designator names,if this is the case ,it will put the part at 0,0. Hope it helps.. need more help ,personal mail me regards abhi
I have a schematic in OrCAD and a PCB in PCAD and I needed to renumber the reference designator in both schematic and pcb but I only know how to renumber the components in schematic using the annotate command. how can I change the reference designators in PCAD based on the changes made in OrCAD Capture. Please help me in (...)
is it possible to back annotate the net changes from allegro brd file to orcad schematic file like reference designator changes?
Do you simulate in Capture? In fact, the model is for only one symbol. When use Layout, you have the others. If you want 4 of them, place four differnt symbols, and when you make Annotation, they must become parts of one footprint (with the same reference designator).
hai, i think you can put same reference designator to more than one component.
Hi Folks, I have a problem in the display, while i select/click any component in the design file, the information for the component will be displayed in bottom left corner of the work space,A reference designator;decal name and with which layer the component is mounted. But then right now only A reference (...)
hi, how to find the reference designators in concept HDL regards, Neena