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Good Morning, I would like to plot the dispersion diagram for random unit cell of ebg structure. Anyone tell procedure and which solver is very efficient for thos in cst/HFSS.
hi antenna experts. i designed a Reflectarray unit cell with proper phase shift in cst. i used unit cells in array and fed it by a horn antenna. the solution type is integral equation. now i want to know how can i gain the phase of each element(phase of fields or reflection (...)
I have designed a 2 element MIMO antenna and want to calculate the TARC (Total Active reflection Coefficient) for my design. I have studied some literature which guided me to vary my input phase to get this parameter. Please tell me how can I get this done? Thanks
Dear All, I am trying to simulate Total Internal reflection (TIR) effect using cst Microwave Studio's Unit cell condition+ phase shift angle definition, but at angles > critial angle, I didn't see expected TIR effect, there must be something wrong with my settings, can anyone help to have a look of attached cst Model (...)
Hi did you get answer to the problem. if yes please share the details regarding reflection phase analysis of ebg.
Hello friends, I am working with EBG designs and need to find reflection phase diagram for the same in . I am using cst Studio Suite 2010 (MWS) for my simulations. The boundary condition is as following image:Xmin Xmax Ymin Ymax unit cell / Zmax Zmin open(add space) .Both are in frequency domain solver. The number of (...)
Hi Friends Recently I have designed a EBG cell which it's reflection phase around 3.5 GHz is zero. In order to use this structure I've used a CPW antenna with resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz. The problem is I expect a resonant frequency of 3.5 GHz for whole structures (maybe with some ripple), but the resonant frequency is shifted to 4.5 GHz (...)
Hello everybody, I'm student and I am trying to simulate an EBG in cst. Actually, I want to get the reflection phase of FSS in cst for mush-room design, but I don't know how to set port and mode simulate for FSS. In my design, reflection phase (...)
I am simulating the reflection phase (angle of S11) of a FSS under different incident angle. I set the variable 'theta' and made a par sweep for it. However, the graph cst provided me is something like this. 75869 How can I make a plot of refection phase vs. incident angle (or other variable)? Thank you.
I am trying to calculate reflection phase for patch reflectarray and i want to compute the reflection phase using floquet ports. I have simulated the reflectarray structure using waveguide simulator approach and already got reflection amplitude and (...)
Hi In cst MWS and HFSS, we are comfort to obtain EBG's reflection phase. How we can simulate the EBG's reflection phase with IE3D? Can anyone help? thanks in advance...
Hi all, i am simulating a hexagonal structure (attached here) for the reflection phase diagram which was given previously in this forum. i am taking the steps as in " is given. After running the macro, i found the following error.. "unable to read result file: c:\document and settings
Peopple often use PEC/PMC walls due to its simplicity, short simulation time, and easy post-processing. You directly have the magnitude and phase of S11 (reflection) and S21 (transmission). However, you can also use Master/Slave as BC(PBCs), but the simulation time is much longer (you can not use fast sweep (...)
Hi everyone, I ve read many topics in this forum about reflection phase in cst. But now i' m so confused, there are a lot of methods: planwave and macro, waveguide port (which is said to be faster and easier) I'm using cst2007. Ive tried the first method, the results are not good meanwhile (...)
I'm simulating the FSS using cst 2007. But i cant get the reflection phase. I ve read the topics about this in the forum, there are 2 methods for this: using macro with plane wave and using waveguide port. Both are in transient analysis. I wonder if the later can be used in cst 2007 or not. Anyway I ve (...)
whan I simulat an array structure by cst the results confuse me because the reflection phase diagram using time domain solver (!T) and frequency domain solver (!F) is quite different. (Why?) I know the results of (!T) is TEM and the results of (!F) is TE and TM is any way exist to find (...)
hello i'm now trying to get the reflection phase properties of EBG stuctures with cst unfortunately, i have no idea about the first step--------the modelling . The main problems are : 1 which solver to choose? (The model is only one unit cell with periodic boundaries on xmin xmax ymin and ymax) 2 how can i get the (...)
i am interested in finding the reflection phase change of AMC structure with changing angle of incidence. and i want to plot a graph between reflection phase and angle of incidence of excitation . i am using cst MWS. if anyone knows how to do that in cst (...)
hi prafuldeo you mentioned vaccum model , what do you mean by that ? did you use macro or WGA method to simulate PMC reflection diagram. thanks
HI all, I am trying to simulate the phase of the reflection coefficient of different AMC mushroom-type surfaces using cst MWS. I have some problems with the results (arg(S)): they do not correspond to the one I expected! Could anyone tell me what is wrong? Please help me! :cry: