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Native usb interface of my custom designed board around ATSAM3X8E cpu (the one used in Arduino DUE) does not works. I had posted the issue in a thread some time back : but i was unable to get any result oriented answer to fix the issue. Details regarding the issue faced can be seen in
hi, I'm doing a project for storing data to the usb sent from PIC controller(PIC30F6012A) using Vinculum(VNC2-32L1B) controller through UART communication. I am creating a file in the usb its created well and Read/write works properly.Now what is my problem is the file is created with the default date(1/1/2010 12:00 AM).I want to change
In case this helps, regarding the feasibility of video sources... Digital camera... Mine is inexpensive. It sends a video signal to my tv (either digital or old-fashioned crt). The cable is a common coax type, to the yellow-colored jack. The tv shows the same image as the camera shows. I can playback from the camera's internal memory stick. Or, th
We are having a trouble regarding the firebird V ATmega2560. When we try to connect the Firebird to the PC via usb but it does not detects the robot. I guess we have pressed the reset button and boot button in the wrong sequence and we might have accidently erased the boot loader software. Can anybody suggest the method to connect the firebird V vi
Hi There. I have a usb Sensor Device which I can connect to PC. By installing Driver on PC, I got Virtual COM to send Serial Command to control the Sensor Device. Now I want to control the Sensor Device through MCU UART. Can you advise what interfacing Chip I need to use to achieve Serial Communication between Sensor usb Terminal and MCU UART
Hello Folks I have a question regarding usb. In usb 2.0 Host can only return ACK for correct data. Lets suppose we got corrupted data from slave device then what master(Host) will do ?. If slave didn't got any response then what it will do ? Thanks & Regards Mukesh Goyal
i have some basic doubts regarding fpga. i am studying fpga now. IS fpga have ROM like controller? i got the doubt becasue i read it on one website.
If you are using these interfaces on a PCB then I would suggest you go online and get the relevant details regarding each interface, its layout requirements (impedance, length matching etc.) all of these interfaces have defined standards for usb) a search will get you all the information you require. I keep this (and tons of other document
Hello All, Can anyone please help me in finding out the implementation of usb Device Descriptors at RTL level? Actually, I want to find out how information written by Host into descriptors is communicated to the concerned internal blocks. Suppose, one descriptor that contains information regarding some internal block of device is wr
Hello, I have read all the posts regarding this program but still I am unable to program my ATMega128 via usb. Please help as it is a matter of urgency!!! Thankyou.. Creating load file for EEPROM: on_off1.eep avr-objcopy -j .eeprom --set-section-flags=.eeprom="alloc,load" \ --change-section-lma .eeprom=0 --no-change-warnings -O ihex on
Hello I am using PIC16F887 with MPLAB X IDE and Pikkit2. i have bought one pikkit programmer as shown in below the problem is my MP LAB x IDE can not
usb hub usb2514 - implementation doubt I'm using usb2514 to design a BUS powered system which has 3 devices to be connected at present . My doubt is regarding the SUSP_IND/LOCAL_PWR/NON_REM0 pin . My system is bus powered so the pin has to be LOW . The device on my port 1 is non removable so the pin has to be HIGH . (...)
97492 This is a diagram from the MCP3901 reference design. This part is required to connect the energy meter to a PC for calibration. Most of these IC's in the diagram are not available in my local market and even if I import these I can't test it in a breadboard since its packaging is either SSOP or SOIC. My question is
I don't know what you want to achieve with simulation in this case. regarding the said link, jayanth already stated that the circuit can't work as shown. It's not even clear what's the intended pupose of usb interface in this case. Apparently the author has only vague ideas about usb, e.g. when he mentions communication with (...)
i am doing a project speech controlled robotic car ..i have written code for parallel communication. here are the code %%%%%%%% Training Process %%%%%%%% % Prepare the user to record voice 'record your commands' l=0; m=0; avg=0; for j=1:4 'record command' disp(j) input ('You will have 2 seconds
First of all I am newbie in microcontrollers. I have a ATmega8L. I have written my code in C. Code consists 12 lines & programme is straight & simple. I have Run & Compiled my code with no warning & errors in AVR Studio 4.19 & create .hex file. Now to burn this code I used Ponyprogv206f. Ponyprogv207c somehow haven't run in my PC & off course my PC
Hi all. I'm trying to make a data logger utilizing usb interface using a p18f4550. My requirement is that the data converted by the PIC's ADC would be available in MATLAB. I need help regarding the following - I'm confused as to which driver to use in the firmware. Should I go with the HID drivers or the custom MCHPusb drivers by (...)
I have Question regarding the Current limits of usb2.0 COmplaint Power distribution switches... From my understanding, the maximum current drawn from any usb port by a peripheral is 500mA. Please correct if i am wrong. I Have seen usb power distribution power switches datasheets like MIC2077 or TPS2041A etc, the (...)
Hello frnds, I want to send sms via PC through nokia asha 311. I am doing this by using VB6. But i don't have any information regarding to NOKIA asha command list. It means how to send command for sending msgs and how to control my phone??? I am connecting my phone via usb cable. Pls help me.
can some one refer some documents or book regarding 1. usb working 2. pin description(what does D+, D- mean) 3. VHDL code