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122296 The picture shows layout of xilinx fpga. but where does its onboard flash memory go in layout?here does the configuration register and wires go? they cannot go anywhere because they might block the fPGA routing channel space.
Hi, Can anybody please send me the useful document about memory register layout in cadence? Thanks and regards, P.R
I'm using Design Compiler in Topographical Mode and making manual floorplanning for my designs as this is better than using WLMs. The design contains a register File which I simply floorplanned using these simple commands: set_aspect_ratio .5 set_utilization .85 set_port_side -side T set_port_side -side T
Hi..,I'm designing 32 by 32 register file .I have simulated in spectre and my results are upto the mark but the problem is to layout the register has around 2000 transisitors .Are there any automated tools to layout digital circuits.Plz help me......Thanx in advance
There's a new free design capture and pcb layout tool just been released from RS Components. You have to register with their DesignSpark discussion group to get it. I downloaded it and it looks really good. It's not a crippled version like so many free tools. You can get it on:
register the output with a flop.
Hi, I am involved in designing a register file structure for my project. I am experiencing problems in the LVS( layout vs Schematic) . The simulators picks up a small NMOSformed near the overlap of poly and active and shows that there are two transistors layed out. How so i remove this. Please help. Share your views on LVS and other
Hi I'm making a project with Magic layout. How can I draw 8 bit register (D register) layout? So far I have only 1 bit register. Can I make 8bit register with combining them?
For shift register design, setup time isn't a problem. And hold time is more important to pay attention on it. To avoid feedthru problem, it's better to insert some small delay between each register when you design it manually. Hope it helps :)
There exists a number of ways to correct a timing failure 1). placing the critical path cells closer in layout 2). introducing pipline registers 3). write parallel RTL 4). register re-timing 5). state machine encoding 6). cell resizing 7). redundant resigters to imporve driving current. etc etc... 8). Aviod unwanted priority (...)
Tektronix has a CFG253 User Manual on their web site. Maybe it's similar to your instrument. It looks skimpy though. You may need to register and login, but it's free.
I just simulated the LNA designa and try to make a layout for this. but I never draw the inductor, capacitor, register, etc in magic. Who knows the diode(high speed PN diode, Not diode-connected load) and register, capacitance and inductor layout in magic?
The ECO is used after layout. After layout, if we find some errors in netlist, we should modify netlist instead of RTL code. When we write RTL code, we add some spare gate, such as register, AND, OR etc which can be used in ECO. Hope this can help you. David
do you have cadence sourcelink account? go register for one of those online trainings (look for those free ones, i.e. not the latest version )
Yes the Xilinx ISE webpack is for free all you need to do is to register yourself on their site and then you may download it all. I don't know to what extent it may help you, but some of my friends mentioned that at some point the webpack ISE wasn't useful and they needed the Foundation version of it "needs money". Try checking some p2p progr
Hello, I simulated a gate-level netlist with SDF annotation from layout using LDV 3.4 for LINUX. It showed Z state from a few registers at the waveform, although the simulation proved that the circuitry worked fine. First I suspected it was a bug of the waveform display. Then I printed the register value using $diaplay. It was Z state, (...)
Hi Max Am a digital layout in US. Even am looking for jobs and the market here is worse. So planning to do something on my own. I just have problem with where to start. I found a website where u can post your profile and register with some two digit pay. Companies who need your skill,bid for you and give you work as a freelancer
So, when someone says, data buffer, does it means, it could be either register(DFF) or RAM? In verilog coding, does it have different coding style to refer to data buffer using registers and to refer to RAM? In verilog, if I declare reg memory If the design goes to synthesis or layout, will it become df
hi i tried to register and then try to log in. But was unable to log in.. can you pls forward the book to my email id It will be a gr8 help of urs.. i am also new to layout design hence want this book... Thanks in advance
Who have a KS0127B Apllication Sheet? I am first try this device. I want to know a apllication circuit and component layout. My first design sample is designed by referance circuit in KS0127B datasheet. But sometime this device is dead or internal register erasing at power on and off. I think that this device have anythig important at circui