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I completed the digital clock project using stm8s003F3 and pcf85163, when i give power from regulated power supply clock working fine but giving power from adopter that time clock running slowly. i tried many adopter same problem in all adopter, any one please help me to solve this (...)
If it is built correctly, the problem would either be in the external power supply (if you are using one) or C4 is faulty. If you are using an external (wall wart) power adapter, please check it's output is regulated 9V DC. If it's AC, don't use it at all and if it's not regulated you may (...)
Hi, I am an Electronics engineering student and I am working on robotics project. I am using 150W brushed DC motors with sabertooth motor driver to control them. I am trying to follow line without using line sensors. I am getting feedback from 3000 ppr wheel encoders. So, I calculate error from difference between count of encoders and using PID a
What are you utilizing to power the device? A poorly regulated power supply combined with the Brown-Out Reset (BOR) active can cause the device to repeatedly reset, essentially suspending device operation. I would recommend utilizing a 100nF decoupling capacitor as close as possible between the Vdd and Vss pins, use a well (...)
I am brand new to the electronics world. I have set up a home station for working on small scale electronics, i.e. soldering stating, antistatic mat and strap, etc.. I have read some basic electronics books and decided to attempt my first small project, assembling a Dual-Output Adjustable Linear regulated power supply from Jameco. I of (...)
time to post a schematic so we can see the problem. Also a centre tapped winding with a bridge rectifier on the outside wires gives a pretty good result if the total voltage is regulated.
Greetings Everyone, I've just completed assembling on a breadboard my first 5v regulated power supply using an LM317 and I would like your opinions if its not too much trouble. It works however the voltage is fluctuating between 4.99v to 5.01v. Is this normal and to be expected? I thought it would be more stable. I've included a (...)
hello everyone, I am designing a regulatead power supply from 1 to 15V with 8A load. I used LM338 for this purpose but it was not giving voltage below 1.2V If I give negative feedback then it cant give sufficient current. I also tried LM3150 but it gives very high noise. any suggestion will be acceptable.. thank you! Regards Shr
make sure that your power supply is regulated
HELP!!! I NEED A power supply WITH A regulated 12V and 9V OUTPUT.HOW CAN I DO THAT? THANK YOU
I design regulated DC power supply with parameters shown above. I designed the whole circuit but I want to see any other solutions. Does anybody know where I can find them ? The main problem connected with designing such power supplies (with wide output voltage range) is with error amplifier which must drive (...)