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Hi onoffman, Can you check it with an oscilloscope for oscillatings/signalforms? Are you sure, that your components are all right? What about the inductances & layout pls? Do it work wrong too if you apply a 4.5V battery at the input & no other 5V regulator? Are you sure, that your layout rules are all right_sorry, an oscillating/falls (...)
Go through both engineers notes .. They should help you to find a solution to this problem .. Engineers note: Capacitors are key to voltage regulator design See section on linear regulators .. and
assuming that all the conecction and calculkations are correct and ig the increment of the input voltaje do not coause anything, you may think for a malfuction of the devise, however if you are looking for a voltaje regulator i recomend you to use LM7805 it worked for me everytime and is very easy to implement