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Hello, I have built a High side switch that interfaces with a low voltage relay system for home use( existing product) and I am looking for feedback to make the switch safer and more reliable. The touch switch that I have built connects to the low voltage relay panel via 3 wires.( Please see attachments) Switch_High Switch_Lo
Dear all, I have design a filter bank, consisting of 6 low pass filters with different cut off frequencies. Each filter is sandwiched in two relays. relays have 50ohm contact resistance. problem is when I connect my 50Watt PA at the input of this filter bank, some filter relays start buzzing and I have lost couple of PA due to this (...)
This circuit uses to adjust offset, gain and hysteresis of a tach circuit to switch a relay. Since VR2 is 2K , setting to 3V out of 7.4V is around midscale so the tap impedance is around 0.8k//1.2k or 0.5 kOhm roughly. This sets the region where the positive feedback resistance VR3 is more sensitive with lower resistance. Since you have changed
Hello. i am trying control a relay directly with a switch. 92664 there is also a connection to the pin of a micro controller. This is to detect if the relay is operating or not. when the common and N/C of the switch are connected, the micro controller can read the voltage as 5 volts and as a result detect that relay is
hi all, i am doing my final project on the above topic..i need a matlab code for one transmitter, relay and receiver with decode and forward and also the receiver should have feedback to the transmitter regarding the data received.. the modulation used should be chosen based on the channel strength..for example BPSK if the channel is noisy
is there any person who works on emic2. actully i wanted to opertae a relay via pic16f887 and wants a audio feedback, i cant use apr9600 bcoz it has limited storage for audio output, so plz anyone there guide me for this situation..i,m also using computer to give commands to microcontroller, so if there is any software that give me feedback (...)
Hello Everyone, I would like to check the state of relay contacts, means everytime i want to check the status of the relay either its ON or OFF, insort by this feedback path circuit i want to know the status of the relay via microcontroller. Help to find out the suitable circuit for this.
But still you may build a current monitor which will trrip the relay when the current varries below it abouve the set point which will serve even when the pump gets blocked...Cheers
My dear friends, now I am learning limited feedback in relay systems, I wanna employ the method to realize power allocation, but i have a lot of questions, do you familiar with this field? could you give me some codes to study, who can help me? thank you --- bless you all my email is :arrow:
Hi... I'm rorking on a project involve in writing s-function code that can be used for selftuning PI controller that based on relay feedback approach.. if any one who has any idea about this subject and interested in designing selftuning controller......plz help me Thanks
MIMO relay channel, Cooperative MIMO and MIMO communications with limited feedback are some of the hot topics right now. You also have to decide if you want to go to information theoretical part of mimo or maybe signal processing part of mimo or could be other direction. You can read Professor Heath's webpage to get an overview of the current hot t
bigsamoncampus, A relay system would certainly be the easiest to stabilize. If you use a PWM as a proportional output device, you will have to deal with a significant amount of lag introduced by the heating element itself. Regards, Kral
Make sure you have the NO contact wired as in the circuit. This provides +ve feedback by shorting out VR1 the moment the relay switches to stop the charging cycle. Shorting out VR1 turns the transistor on more to prevent chattering. E